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New Brunswick backs feds on ‘backdoor’ long-gun registries

- May 15th, 2012

New Brunswick Public Safety Minister and Solicitor General Robert Trevors has issued the following statement:

“Effective immediately, firearms dealers will no longer be required to record purchase information on long-guns, and the CFO and inspectors will not be inspecting such records.

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Slave drivers

- May 15th, 2012

Shocking news. A cruel and heartless political party wants to force public sector workers to toil in miserable back-breaking jobs until they are 68 and probably just fall down dead anyway. Can you believe Stephen Harper would do that?

Well, you better not, because according to Britain’s Daily Telegraph it was actually Ed Miliband, leader of that country’s Labour Party, telling the annual conference of the Royal College of Nursing that his party would not oppose the Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalition’s plans to raise the retirement age and that he was not open to special pleading from interest groups.

What a strange way to try to fix a fiscal crisis… and revive the fortunes of a left-of-centre party.


Mon dieu! Quebec must be a very dangerous place!

- May 15th, 2012

Jean-Marc Fournier
Quebec’s Justice Minister, Jean-Marc Fournier, wins the unintentionally-funny-remark-of-the-day award with this gem:

Quebec says the federal anti-crime bill will result in 1,000 additional inmates in provincial jails every day.

Whoa. Are there really that many offenders and other would-be criminals walking the province’s streets now?