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Oh, now you notice

- May 22nd, 2012

British Prime Minister David Cameron, increasingly regarded as drifting out to sea politically, just promised to start “shaking things very hard to get things done quickly”. More than two years after becoming PM. But if you think that’s a cliché, hold on. He was just getting started.

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Russians slam Canada over Quebec protest arrests

- May 22nd, 2012

The  student strike and protests in Montreal have caught the eye not just of the ROC but the Russians as well.

And the Ruskies are none too pleased with how the student protesters have been treated.

From The Voice of Russia:

The Russian Foreign Ministry has expressed concern over reports of violation of protesters’ rights in the United States and Canada.

The Foreign Ministry Ombudsman, Konstantin Dolgov, has levelled criticism at the mass arrests of Occupy Wall Street movement activists in Chicago and university students in Montreal, amid disproportionate use of force and riot control agents despite the fact that the protests were peaceful in character, particularly at the beginning. Dolgov voiced hope that the US and Canadian authorities will in future exercise maximum restraint in dealing with peaceful protests.

The Russian Foreign Ministry also hopes that the response by the US and Canadian authorities to peaceful protests will be ‘responsible’ and in compliance with these countries’ commitments under international law.

A sharp-eyed colleague pointed out this Wall Street Journal article  highlighting that the current Russian government is hardly a bastion for upholding the rights of  protesters.

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Liberals launch copycat budget consultation

- May 22nd, 2012

Last week, the NDP announced cross-country consultations on the Conservative omnibus budget bill, starting May 16 Ottawa and continue until Wednesday.

The Liberals apparently thought it was a good idea and just announced their own, which they’ve dubbed Operation spRED. The news release didn’t explain why, although I’ll jump to the conclusion that the ‘red’ in ‘spRED’ is meant to be a Liberal red.

I guess it’s a good way as any to spend a break week in Ottawa.

Here’s  some of what the news release had to say about the “large-scale initiative.”

Liberal MPs and Senators are breaking out of the Ottawa bubble in the coming days to engage and consult with Canadians in communities across the country on the impacts of the Conservatives’ massive ‘kitchen sink’ budget bill, which includes sweeping changes to environmental protection, Employment Insurance, the fisheries and Old Age Security. Since February, the Liberal caucus has been reaching out to communities and Liberals across Canada to organize this large-scale initiative.


100 days of mayhem

- May 22nd, 2012

How much are you willing to pay?

- May 22nd, 2012

How much of your money do you want to give to Omar Khadr?

OTTAWA - Canadian left-wing activists are going international in their bid to pressure Public Safety Minister Vic Toews to bring terrorist Omar Khadr to Canada.

Amnesty International and Lawyers Rights Watch Canada (LRWC) are among 11 groups banding together in hearings by the UN Committee Against Torture this week.

In its submission, LRWC demands Khadr’s immediate return to Canada along with compensation from taxpayers for the ‘torture’ he endured at the U.S. prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

“While Canada has a general fund for compensation of victims, it is clearly insufficient for such serious breaches,” the group said in a statement, suggesting a Royal Commission could come up with a big enough cash payment.