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The case of Linda Gibbons

- June 8th, 2012

This case is an outrage. Punks in Quebec can riot until the cows come home and get away with it with a slap on the wrist. Linda Gibbons has spent almost as much time in jail as Karla Homolka, and she never hurt or threatened anybody. Read the story here.


Hail to… the Queen?

- June 8th, 2012

Well, this is embarrassing for the Democrats. A CBS News/New York Times poll finds that our head of state is considerably more popular in the United States than theirs is. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II enjoys a 61% favourable rating among Americans (and just 7% negative) while Barack Obama is clinging by his fingernails to a 45% rating.

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Soon in a Conservative party ad near you

- June 8th, 2012

Omar Khadr

The NDP just gave the Tories a splendid talking point: 

OTTAWA - The NDP conceded Thursday the only way convicted killer and terrorist Omar Khadr would be compensated for his time in a U.S. prison for blowing up a U.S. soldier is likely with a change in government.

The Conservative government has nixed any notion Khadr will become an instant millionaire and feted as a hero upon the war criminal’s return to Canada to serve out the remainder of an eight-year prison sentence.

Toronto NDP MP Craig Scott told a news conference Thursday that there would need to be a change in political will in Ottawa in order for Khadr to win redress and that’s not likely to happen under the Conservatives, he said.

Asked when that could happen, he said “2015,” the date of the next election.