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Bob Rae not running for leadership

- June 13th, 2012

He will make a formal announcement shortly.

Prime Time recap, June 13

- June 13th, 2012

Canada exploring beefed up Pacific naval presence: MacKay

- June 13th, 2012

Canada’s Pacific fleet may soon get a little more love from Defence Minister Peter MacKay.

MacKay is from the east coast says, where the bulk of the Royal Canadian Navy is based.

But MacKay said Tuesday he’s open to exploring ways of increasing the Canadian naval presence off the coast of B.C.

“I’ve just returned from that region and I heard what Secretary of Defense (Leon) Panetta has said about the American focus in the region,” MacKay
said. “We’ll make our own sovereign decisions about our concentration of assets on the west coast, but we are looking very seriously at what we should do as a nation to up our game on the west coast and throughout the Pacific.”

Panetta recently announced that by 2020, the United States would deploy 60% of its warships in the Asia-Pacific region, up from 50% now.

C’est le boutte du boutte

- June 13th, 2012

Please excuse the Quebec French headline. It’s the only thing I could think of to capture the essence of the story without using swear words. It means “headbendingly unbelievable” (according to my inner Ontario-Quebec dictionary). Jaw-droppingly crazy would work, too.

A Montreal high school student was suspended, with pay (!!!), for showing the body-parts snuff film (you know, the one showing the murder and dismemberment of Jun Lin) to a class full of 16-year-olds.

The original story, in French, is here.