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Please don’t mistake consular affairs for personal concierge: DFAIT

- June 18th, 2012

Consular Affairs has a second in what I hope is a series of dense traveler news releases.

It’s done in a bid to educate Canadian tourists traveling abroad during the high seasons on what exactly consular affairs can do for you, using real life examples of bizzaro requests received by consular officials.

Here’s the latest:

“Canada receives more than 215,000 consular requests a year. However, some Canadians appear to have the mistaken idea that consular officers can act as their personal concierge. That may account for requests that are definitely beyond the range of what is included in consular services. Some real life examples:

  • Consular officers cannot provide you with refills for your medication, but they can recommend good local medical services.
  • Officers cannot drive you around to find the person who mugged you, but they can help you contact the local police.
  • While Canadian officials everywhere love their hockey and maple syrup, they cannot provide a place to watch the playoffs or provide emergency rations of your favourite breakfast condiment.

TO woman fights for rent money, claims cell towers made her sick

- June 18th, 2012

Former film and TV hair stylist Veronica Ciandre says she was forced to makeover her life and flee her Toronto penthouse more than two years ago because rooftop cell towers made her sick. Read more…

And now for a blast from the left

- June 18th, 2012

Barack Obama

Roberto Unger, a prominent wayyyy-lefty legal scholar who taught Obama at Harvard, is now saying the president must be defeated.

A former professor of Barack Obama has turned against his one-time student and publicly urged voters not to re-elect him.

Roberto Unger posted a video on YouTube detailing the reasons why he believes the President does not deserve a second term in the White House.

Mr Unger, a prominent Brazilian politician and an adviser to Obama in 2008, said: ‘President Obama must be defeated in the coming election. He has failed to advance the progressive cause in the United States.’