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NDP ethics critic wants RCMP probe for Del Mastro

- July 6th, 2012

NDP ethics critic Charlie Angus wants the RCMP to look into election allegations surrounding Dean Del Mastro.

Angus made the request to Justice Minister Rob Nicholson in a letter sent Friday.

Dear Hon. Robert Nicholson,

I am writing with regard to the growing allegations of illegal campaign contributions to Dean Del Mastro’s2008 election campaign.

In addition to previous reports around a personal cheque and possible overspending on voter identification work, recent reports in the Ottawa Citizen[i] [ii] have raised further questions concerns about the legality of some campaign contributions by employees of Deltro Electric Ltd. to Mr. Del Mastro’s election campaign. With these growing allegations, including eyewitnesses, we are concerned the issues surrounding this campaign financing scheme have gone beyond the potential violations of the Elections Act.

We believe these alleged offences fall under federal jurisdiction, potentially crossing several federal laws. Those laws and sections that could be in violation include:

  • Conspiracy to commit fraud over $5000 Section 380(1)(a) of the Criminal Code of Canada
  • Making a false claim in a return Section 239(1)(a) of the Income Tax Act
  • Collusion to circumvent contribution limits and concealing the source of a contribution, Section 405.2(1) and Section 405.2(2) respectively of the Canada Election Act


At this stage I propose that this matter be referred to the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) and theRCMP Commercial Crimes Unit for further investigation and other law enforcement authorities, as appropriate.

According to his mandate, The DPP is responsible for providing prosecutorial advice to law enforcement agencies on investigations that may lead to prosecution under federal laws and for prosecuting criminal offences under federal jurisdiction. It is with this mandate that I believe inclusion of the DPP is appropriate to ensure that all law enforcement agencies are directed accordingly in their investigations.

In the wake of the Sponsorship Scandal, the office of the Director of Public Prosecution was established tooversee these types of prosecutions and ensure freedom from possible or apparent political interference.

Given the evidence already made public and the possible involvement of the Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister, it is not only within your mandate to refer this issue to the independent office of the DPP, Ibelieve it is your responsibility to do so.

These are seriously allegations involving a senior member of your government and I trust you will ensure that the investigation, and the laying of charges if appropriate, are done free of any possible conflict of interest.

These allegations must be investigated not just for the sake of the public interest, but to maintain the integrity of the democratic process. Above all else, the criminal justice system must prevail – if crimes were committed the perpetrators must be held to account.


Charlie Angus, MP

Timmins-James Bay




They’re baiting us

- July 6th, 2012

This is so head-bendingly stupid

- July 6th, 2012


Listen, what people do on their private time is none of my business, provided all the people involved are adult and consent to the activities. But if you bring your bondage and staged fake torture sex pictures to work, you deserve to be in trouble. Oh and one more thing: You have no right to do something that obviously tarnishes the image of your employer and that of your colleagues. Keep your private life private.

VANCOUVER — B.C. Mounties are once again in damage control after graphic images of an officer engaged in violent bondage sex scenes were made public.

“I am personally embarrassed and very disappointed that the RCMP would be, in any way, linked to photos of that nature,” B.C.’s acting RCMP commander Randy Beck said in a statement Thursday, adding Mounties are conducting a code-of-conduct investigation.

Beck was responding to explosive photos allegedly showing Coquitlam RCMP Cpl. Jim Brown in various bondage scenes that were at one point posted on the Internet but since removed.

Some of those images obtained by QMI Agency depict a woman tied up, choked and slashed with a machete by a man identified as Brown, who apparently styled himself as the “Kilted Knight.” The scenes often appeared to involve simulated torture, with Brown in a dominant position.

And can someone explain to me why the RCMP did nothing for so long? They knew about those pictures in 2010. Why are we only hearing about this now?

Oh look, another partisan Radio-Canada journalist

- July 6th, 2012

Pierre Duchesne

The Parti Quebecois just confirmed what we’ve known for a few days now: Former Radio-Canada journalist Pierre Duchesne will run for the separatist party in the next election.

MONTREAL – For the second time in five years, a French CBC reporter is taking heat for joining the separatist Parti Quebecois.

Pierre Duchesne, who once wrote an unauthorized biography of hardline separatist former premier Jacques Parizeau, will announce Friday he’s joining the party that wants to take Quebec out of Canada.

Duchesne retired as Radio-Canada’s Quebec City correspondent on June 15.

His former colleague, Bernard Drainville, courted controversy in 2007 when he quit as Radio-Canada’s Quebec City bureau chief to join the PQ.

But don’t you dare call Radio-Canada a separatists’ nest.