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Fighting Gangs on all Fronts

- July 18th, 2012

What will it take to turn around Toronto’s (and other cities’) gang problems? Conservative Senator Don Meredith has a few ideas. Read more…

“If you don’t mind a little bit of mud”

- July 18th, 2012

Lukaszuk apology

Alberta deputy premier Thomas Lukaszuk (once famously described by Jason Kenney as a “complete and utter a…hole”) apologized for a joke he made on his Facebook account about the recent mudslides that killed at least four people and trapped several hundred others. He posted a picture of a washed-out road with the caption: “Fairmont in Hot Springs has a good deal on rooms today. If a little bit of mud doesn’t bother you, book now!!!”

He apologized.

What “no comment” really means

- July 18th, 2012

Who, me, comment?

It means, “Oh please, let’s not publish how much I’m making…” Yes, I’m sure it could be embarrassing for some people.

Several First Nations chiefs gathered for an Assembly of First Nations (AFN) meeting were mum when questioned about reports on a former Newfoundland Innu Chief who collected a salary of more than $600,000.

Innu community members of Natuashish and Sheshatshui have expressed outrage in recent days because Paul Rich, former CEO of Innu Development Limited Partnership (IDLP), was paid $658,847 in 2011. He also made more than $1 million over the last two years as CEO.

The IDLP was established to spark community business and developments. Community members held a weekend protest outside IDLP office to demand transparency.

But First Nations chiefs gathered in Toronto to name the next national chief of the AFN would not comment Tuesday on Rich’s salary or on the community’s anger.

The leaders also suggested financial accountability stories perpetuate false stereotypes about First Nations.

Ah, yes. I see. It’s our fault again.

p.s. more on this story, here.

Has anyone seen our data? And if so, who?

- July 18th, 2012

Today’s Ottawa Sun reports that Elections Ontario has lost track of unencrypted, password-free USB tags containing “copies of personal information — gender, birth date and addresses — from 49 of the 107 electoral districts” in Ontario including five in Ottawa and is sort of hoping that nothing much is up with that. Details to follow if they ever figure out what they are.

Imagine the haughty disdain politicians and bureaucrats would muster if a private company were this careless with customers’ sensitive information. But when it’s the benevolent omniscient government, heck, it’s just one of those unfortunate things, you know, nothing to see here folks, let’s all just move on.