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Big Brother, Where Art Thou?

- August 7th, 2012

Why, I’m right here, at 123 Creepy Avenue. You can tell by the blue flag on my house.

Ever wanted to creepily find out your neighbors’ political affiliations? Neither have I. But now, the Obama campaign’s shiny new mobile app allows you to find out that information in seconds!

The app, released last week, includes a Google map for canvassers that recognizes your current location and marks nearby Democratic households with small blue flags.

For each targeted address, the app displays the first name, age and gender of the voter or voters who live there: “Lori C., 58 F, Democrat.”

All this is public information, which campaigns have long given to volunteers. But you no longer have to schedule a visit to a field office and wait for a staffer to hand you a clipboard and a printed-out list of addresses.”

It’s worth mentioning that this app points out who your Democratic neighbors are, but do Democrats need to find other Democrats that will already be voting in their direction, or do Democrats need to find the Independent and Republican households that aren’t already Democratic? A simple deductive reasoning analysis performed by the most idiotic of idiots will easily show you which houses do not lean left.

Free-range brains!

- August 7th, 2012

Upcoming iconoclast fiction mag Liberty Island wants to highlight the best libertarian/conservative writers. The team behind the project, which is still at the crowdfunding stage, includes none other than Sun News regular Ben Shapiro. Here’s the mission statement:

Liberty Island is the home of the Statue of Liberty, a cherished symbol of American freedom and (since 1886) a welcoming beacon to the rest of the world. The name also subtly evokes the spirit of non-doctrinaire libertarian conservatism that will animate the site. People will be drawn to Liberty Island not for reasons of ideological purity but because they love freedom in all its dimensions–and because it is entertaining and fun. Finally, the name is meant to evoke a kind of utopian nowhere, an island of freedom in a sea of conformity, a place where the imagination can run free.  

If you don’t like the PC tone of existing fiction magazines, this is for you.