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- August 8th, 2012

Clark and Harper
It’s called “keeping your options open”

If B.C. Premier Christy Clark is hoping the feds will step into her spat with Alberta over potential oil revenue from new pipelines, she’s barking up the wrong tree.

“I’m not going to get into an argument or a discussion about how we divide hypothetical revenues,” Prime Minister Stephen Harper said in Vancouver.

His comments came when he was asked about Clark’s demand that B.C. get a “fair share” of revenue if Enbridge’s proposed Northern Gateway pipeline is built to connect the oilsands in Alberta to a new tanker port in northern B.C. for export to Asia.

Harper discussed the pipeline proposal privately with Clark on Tuesday, but wouldn’t say how the “private” talks went.

He also backed off explicit support for Northern Gateway.

“The government wants to see British Columbia’s export trade continue to grow and diversify,” Harper said. “That’s important, but projects have to be evaluated on their own merits.”