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Oilpatch still smiling after PM’s tempered enthusiasm for Northern Gateway

- August 9th, 2012


Canada’s oilpatch is taking Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s new, more aloof approach to the Northern Gateway pipeline project in stride.

“We believe the prime minister is trying to strike the right balance between support for diversified market access for Canadian oil, and ensuring the Northern Gateway regulatory process is allowed to proceed and be viewed as legitimate,” Tim Shipton, president of Alberta Enterprise Group, an Edmonton-based business advocacy organization, said. Read more…

Be not afraid

- August 9th, 2012

Imagine an ad like this running in Canada…

Yeah. I can’t see it either.

Because nothing says Have a nice day! like a government bureaucrat

- August 9th, 2012


OTTAWA  - The federal languages watchdog will be spending up to $90,000 from the public purse to go undercover at eight airports to check whether air travellers are being served in both English and French.

Starting this fall, Official Language Commissioner Graham Fraser’s spies will anonymously verify the level of bilingualism at airports in Halifax, Quebec City, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Winnipeg, Edmonton and Vancouver, and on Air Canada flights.

Fraser, whose mandate ends next October when the report is scheduled to be released, called it his “swan song.”

“I’ve always thought the language rights of the travelling public are extremely important,” he said Wednesday.

Yeah, whereas the rights of the working public to go about its business without being trapped by linguistic bureaucrats are worth nothing.