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PM, FN leaders to meet

- January 4th, 2013

Just released by Prime Minister’s Office. Notice that it will be a meeting arranged through the Assembly of First Nations. Chief Spence is reportedly welcome to attend.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper announces meeting with First Nations leadership

4 January 2013
Ottawa, Ontario
Prime Minister Stephen Harper today issued the following statement on a planned meeting with a delegation of First Nations leaders coordinated by the Assembly of First Nations:
“On January 24, 2012, I was pleased to participate in the historic Crown-First Nations Gathering. On that day, the Government of Canada and First Nations committed to making progress in the following areas:

Improving relationships and strong partnerships between Canada and First Nations respectful of Aboriginal and Treaty rights as recognized and affirmed in the Constitution Act, 1982;
Building effective, appropriate, transparent and fully accountable governance structures;
Empowering success of individuals through access to education and opportunity;
Enabling strong, sustainable, and self-sufficient communities;
Creating conditions to accelerate economic development opportunities and maximize benefits for all Canadians;
Respecting the role of First Nations’ culture and language in our history and future.
“The Government and First Nations committed at the Gathering to maintaining the relationship through an ongoing dialogue that outlines clear goals and measures of progress and success. While some progress has been made, there is more that must be done to improve outcomes for First Nations communities across Canada.

“It is in this spirit of ongoing dialogue that, together with Minister Duncan, I will be participating in a working meeting with a delegation of First Nations leaders coordinated by the Assembly of First Nations on January 11, 2013. This working meeting will focus on two areas flowing from the Gathering: the treaty relationship and aboriginal rights, and economic development.

“The Government of Canada and First Nations have an enduring historic relationship based on mutual respect, friendship and support. The Government of Canada is committed to strengthening this relationship.”

Olivia Chow’s health

- January 4th, 2013

The NDP MP is going to be addressing the media at 1:30 this afternoon to discuss her recent Ramsay Hunt syndrome diagnosis. Here’s the Wikipedia entry on Ramsay Hunt syndrome.

The perfect shampoo for Justin

- January 4th, 2013

Could not resist sharing this little Trudeau parody from Radio-Canada’s year-end show:

Intelligence service showing signs of intelligence

- January 4th, 2013

A story in La Presse (in French) this morning claims a report done by CSIS concluded that debates in the House of Commons do not contribute to enlighten Canadians on the government’s foreign policy.

Le Service canadien du renseignement et de sécurité (SCRS) estime en effet que le Parlement n’apporte aucun éclairage utile sur la politique étrangère du gouvernement Harper, révèle une analyse préparée à l’intention du directeur du service d’espionnage, Richard Fadden. La Presse a obtenu ce document en vertu de la Loi sur l’accès à l’information.

«Au Parlement, les débats sont largement de la rhétorique et, comme c’est typiquement le cas durant les périodes de questions, ils n’ont à peu près pas de substance lorsqu’il est question de politique de fond», tranche un analyste du SCRS dans ces notes datées du 30 janvier 2012.

I agree!