Jason Kenney slams Trudeau

- February 17th, 2013

Immigration Minister Jason Kenney took a jab at Justin Trudeau on Sunday following the third Liberal leadership debate this weekend. Here is what he said:

Mr. Trudeau is not in touch with the values or the real issues that face ordinary Canadians. I don’t really know what his background is. I don’t think he’s ever run anything. We’ll get a chance to compare Stephen Harper as a strong and competent leader of a G7 country focused on economic growth…If I were a Liberal, as I used to be, I wouldn’t be inclined to  vote for a guy who has zero executive experience, zero governing experience and zero record of putting forward substantive ideas to address the tough issues of the day…in the several years that I’ve been in Parliament with Justin Trudeau, I don’t remember him saying a single serious thing about growth and job creation.


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  1. jane says:

    Using Kenney’s logic (“I don’t think he’s ever run anything”), Stephen Harper should never have been elected. And Google search could easily tell Jason what Trudeau’s background is.

    And as for values and real issues facing ordinary Canadians, I can tell you that they aren’t interfering with the independent Election Boundaries Commission recommendations or dancing around the constitutional requirement of residents for Senators.

  2. Doug says:

    Let me get this correct. You don.t know anything about the man but, you give your personal negative opinion anyway in a major newspaper. Please don’t give any advise on the values of Canadians until you you become informed. Sounds like we have a little fear in the making. Nice plug for the PM.

  3. Annise says:

    Well said Mr. Kenny. And from what I have seen in video clips of Justins ‘speeches’, yours are 100 times better.

  4. Brian says:

    So in short, he would not be inclined to vote for Harper either?

  5. Rod Vanier says:

    “I wouldn’t be inclined to vote for a guy who has zero executive experience, zero governing experience and zero record of putting forward substantive ideas to address the tough issues of the day…”

    That describes Stephen Harper before he led the Reform Party….

    It actually describes many successful politicians.

  6. Zolton says:

    Jason Kenney is the right one to talk about Justin Trudeau.
    The Conservatives are NERVOUS as hell and this is all Kenney comes up with !! HA ! Trudeau is going to kick their butts.

    Justin, you have our votes !!

  7. Chris says:

    What experience did Stephen Harper have when he was elected leader of his party? What did he know of the world? Please Mr. Kenney remind us so that we can compare and assess the validity of your statement and your credibility. One thing I know is Justin Trudeau will delegate a lot more than Stephen Harper, so what matters is what team he will have.

  8. Robin says:

    It looks like the CPC is gathering attack resources already. I don’t blame JT for playing his cards close to his chest if he can become leader of the LPC without giving too much away. The CPC attack dogs will do whatever they can to spin it against him.

  9. Observant says:

    Just to be anti-Conservative, Liberal party members will most likely now elect Justin as their leader.. which is exactly what the devious CPC prefer.

    Just imagine the next election, where one political leader is from Canada while the other two are from the corrupt, separatist, French-only nation of Quebec. Wonder who true and loyal Canadians will vote for as their PM of all of Canada?

  10. Harry98 says:

    How could anyone possibly take Trudeau seriously. He is just a very bad actor.

  11. Jon Hammond says:

    As a former Liberal voter myself who had an epiphany one day and now votes for the Conservatives, I agree wholeheartedly with Immigration Minister Jason Kenney that Justin Trudeau isn’t remotely qualified to be either Leader of the Liberal Party or Prime Minister of Canada. In contrast, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, before becoming PM, at least had an MBA in Economics; economics being the lifeblood of any country including Canada.

    Only a fool would support Justin Trudeau’s bid for Leader of the Liberal Party (sadly, there does not seem to be a shortage of fools coming from the Left these days). I created a few fun jokes and quips below for all to enjoy:

    I am no Trudeau fan and Justin is no true Dauphin.

    If Canada becomes a Trudeaupia, it will move further away from utopia.

    To paraphrase Karl Marx and turn his quote on its ear, “Liberalism is the Trudeaupium of the masses”.

    Only a true dope would vote for Trudeau.

    Canada needs genuine leadership that can only be found in Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Immigration Minister Jason Kenney, and other members of the Conservative Party.

    The choice for a free, strong, and prosperous Canada is crystal clear. A vote for the Conservatives is a vote for steady economic recovery, responsible development of Canada’s vast natural and energy resources, as well as the protection of Canadian freedom and sovereignty. By contrast, a vote for Justin Trudeau as Leader of the Liberal Party or Prime Minister would spell certain disaster for Canada.

    Choose wisely for the sake of Canada’s future and yours.

  12. Michael says:

    Harper is “intelligent, ambitious, and shallow” D Grey Reform Party MP

  13. Chris Spearman says:

    Stephen Harper was the CEO of the National Citizens Coalition for several years.

    He was well supported and well connected to powerful people.

    He did have executive experience.

  14. Ian Porter says:

    Just to set the record straight, Prime Minister Harper does NOT have an MBA in Economics (whatever that might be). He is an obviously intelligent fellow with an MA in Economics from the University of Calgary. This possibly would qualify him to teach at a provincial Community College. As for his business experience, you could say he is continuing in the family firm as his Dad worked for Imperial Oil.

  15. charles says:

    John Hammond, Harper does not have an MBA, he has a Masters degree. Big deal. He has never used it and, in fact, swore there would be no economical downturn when most people on the street knew otherwise.

    And calling the citizens of Papineau “true dopes” makes you look petty and mean.

  16. terry says:

    Observant, what a wasted name. You have obviously NOT OBSERVED the popularity JT has when he is in public. Harper will resign before running against the Trudeau Liberals.
    He tried to put them away for good but Harper is finding that Canadians want a leader who is honest and pragmatic not a law breaking government like we have with the Reformatorts

  17. Michael says:

    Oh please, the NCC was a 3 person office dedicated to complaining about taxes. Yo call that executive experience?

  18. Anne says:

    Justin Trudeau is a light weight and would not be good for Canada. I wonder who is actually driving his bus? We should actually be looking at them since Trudeau has NO experience and his only claim to fame is his last name. Conservatives may not be perfect but Canada has done very well compared to the US during these hard economic times. I want to thank Stephen Harper for that. Had he not been an Economist we might have been in the same situation as the US. If you remember he would not allow sub-prime mortgages. What was Trudeau, an “ACTING” teacher?

  19. Donald Coubrough says:

    “”If I were a Liberal, as I used to be,”"

    It just shows how low the liberals will go when they let someone like Jason Kenney become a member, it’s actions like this that keep me supporting the NDP, but if I were a liberal I would be behind Trudeau because the conservatives seem to fear him the most.

  20. Audrey Grenier-Williams says:

    Donald Coubrough, Your Ndp party if ever in power says they will get rid of the clarity act …..It just goes to show that the dippers are just looking for votes in Quebec because they know they’re numbers are dropping! How can you be okay with that?

  21. Pablo says:

    Jason admits that he knows nothing about JT but is a critic.
    I guess that he doesn’t realize that many Canadians have access to Google (any search engine) and can find information on JT. Jason you might want to do some research before making a comment.
    Jason’s statement “I don’t think he’s ever run anything”, that is waht you think? Your showing that you are lacking any substance in your thoughts. If you don’t think that someone has not done anything then in your mind they haven’t.
    Shows me how the Conservative Cabinet minister mind works.
    I was always told that if you do not know anything about the subject you should not comment on it because in the end you sound like a fool.

  22. fmpsportsguy says:

    Is this the same Jason Kenney who hired an American Lawyer as a staffer, obviously not enough Canadians deserving of the job!, and then said Lawyer sent out donation requests on Government letterhead? Hmm a tad illegal and yes, you dismissed him, but then REHIRED him months later!! So a Canadian job taken away by an American , too stupid to know our laws and YOU rehired him! NICE!!!

  23. Mi Comment says:

    Because of his critcism of Trudeau, we are to infer that Jason Kennedy understands the reality of the middle class.

    That is hard to believe given his “immigration policies of bring more educated immigrants to Canada even as are educated person in Canada can’t get jobs and previous immigrants with educational qualifications are underemployed .. if they are employed at all.

    Reform party conservatives have not been know to put reality before ideology. Witness the prison expansion system..

  24. Mary says:

    Well, Mr. Kenny, to most Canadians no one is more out in touch with the values or the real issues that face ordinary Canadians than your boss and his fellow ministers (including you).
    Thanks to your boss, soon you will be out of job as there will be no one (except crooks) who would like to immigrate to Canada …by the way, do you realize how pathetic you’ve made your boss looking in comparison with Mr. Trudeau…lol

  25. RHEAL says:

    u people think harper is a good man look at what he doing to this country ccthe C C P unemployment east coast he n bernard valcourt all aaaa…………………..h to this country
    he destroying canada everywhereonly think big company from west
    not interested rest of canada
    worst PM canada ever had

  26. Gene says:


    I don’t know if you recall a man named Ronald Reagan… used to be the leader of the biggest and most powerful country in the free world … used to be a bad actor?

  27. Andrew in Toronto says:

    Funny that Justin’s supporters here aren’t defending him by listing his accomplishments. Face it, the guy is a lightweight who wouldn’t even be on the stage with the other substantive Liberal candidates if it weren’t for his surname. But, hey, who needs an astronaut when you can have a space cadet instead?

  28. Miguel says:

    If voting changed anything it would be illegal.

  29. Kursk says:

    Worst Prime minister if you are a leftist, you mean..the adults in the country have come to appreciate his leadership.

  30. Gillhoolee says:

    I think the only thing Jason Kenny could ‘slam’ is breakfast @ Denny’s.

  31. Anne says:

    I think the worst PM’s were from Quebec, starting with Trudeau then Mulroney, then Martin and last but not least Chretien. Can anyone name all the “SCAMS” they were involved in ? Remember “ABSCAM” and then what came next? Remember???? Maybe we should all agree to not vote for anyone from Quebec. It seems that province has the majority of crooks in politics. Was the tax payers’ money, yours and mine ever accounted for?

  32. DKrome says:

    At least Justin Trudeau is genuine and relatable. Not a complete liar, like our current PM. I’ll take Trudeau’s Liberals over Harper’s Cons in 2015!

    Kenney is just disrespectful and transparently scared.

  33. stormpilot says:

    I can’t believe how many people making comments think that the Conservatives are afraid of Justin Trudeau. That’s just naive thinking. The Conservatives will eat Justin Trudeau alive ! He is about as seasoned as a baby. The Liberals are only using him to garner votes to get back in the saddle. This is going to blow up in their face and well deserved. I can hardly wait for Justin to call Stephen Harper – “You piece of @#$$%” in the House. Now there is a class act. This is so amusing.

  34. Jose says:

    Look at what the G7 did to Toronto! How is the CIC doing today?

  35. Carl Sordoni says:

    Wasn’t it Dean Del Mastro that said Jason Kenney was a better Catholic than Justin Trudeau. People should get to know the REAL Jason Kenney, the one who studied at St. Ignatious College in San Fran and who railed against gays and whose hero was Cardinal Ratzinger, the retiring pope who covered up the child abuse scandal in the church. Jason & the Deformed Party are running scared. Go Justin!!!

  36. foottothefire says:

    Funny. A bible school dropout judging qualifications of anyone? A guy that never held a job in his life…an un-qualification also held by his, “leader”…judging the qualifications of anyone.

  37. TalkToWolf says:

    ” and zero record of putting forward substantive ideas to address the tough issues of the day ”

    PM Harper’s ideas come from the oil industry and Thomas Eugene Flanagan, an American-born political science professor at the University of Calgary. How unique if you’re trying to annex Canada for the Americans.

    To quote Yann Martel, the author of the Man Booker Prize winning novel “Life of Pi” ….

    “Who is this man? What makes him tick? No doubt he is busy. No doubt he is deluded by that busyness. No doubt being Prime Minister fills his entire consideration and froths his sense of busied importance to the very brim. And no doubt he sounds and governs like one who cares little for the arts.”

    Martel has been sending the PM a new book every 2 weeks and has yet to receive a reply from the PM. What a DOLT of a PM we have.

  38. stormpilot says:

    Go Justin go ! This is going to Entertainment Tonight Canada ! Before these Liberal debates are over “double dipping” is going to be a centerpiece.
    I think those who support the Liberals are taxpayers? I guess you aren’t annoyed that your/our tax dollars ($130,000.00 plus annually) are not being well represented by many days of absence by MP Trudeau in the house of Commons. But that’s ok, he’s good looking.

  39. PMDoyle says:

    “Mr. Trudeau is not in touch with the values or the real issues that face ordinary Canadians.” Mr Kenny says. This is truly the funniest thing I have read today coming from the Tories Talk about calling the kettle black. Stupid words from a very stupid man…

  40. Denis Mueller says:

    Jason Kenney came to the United Staes and screamed and yelled at women They were frightened of him. The Canadian press is too timid to reveal the truth about this guy. By the way, if you go into his records in the US, you can find this out. However Kenney tries to hides his bully behavior so check the year before and the year after he said he attended school there.. Women said they were afraid of him. He a ring wing zealot has no moral standing. There are interviews about this behavior.

  41. Anne says:

    Yes, Canada needs “WONDER BOY” with his good looks and his priviledged background. Not only that, his “ACTING” skills with his good speaking skills should be exactly what we are looking for in our next PM. Is that really what Canadians want in their leader|? Just goes to show you how shallow Liberals are.

  42. Yay Kenney! says:

    Kenney for Prime Minister!

    (once he closes the anchor baby immigration loophole, that is)

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