Mounties told not to talk about ‘jihad’ – new response from public safety minister

- July 12th, 2012


You may have already seen this story about how the RCMP is trying to wash terms like “Islamist” and “jihad” from officers’ mouths when they refer to terrorism.  When asked about the policy in Winnipeg on Wednesday, Public Safety Minister Vic Toews defended the policy as an effort to gain the trust of certain communities.  However, hours later, the minister’s director of communications, Julie Carmichael, responded with an email statement that took a more measured view of the Mounties’ policy.  Here it is.  Make of it what you will:

“We have seen in recent years that terrorism by violent extremists, both political and religious, continues to pose a threat to Canada. While the RCMP may have adopted certain practices for their role as front line officers in dealing with individual communities, our government continues to stand vigilant against all terrorist threats.”

For a more critical look at the RCMP’s soft language on terror, check out this video.


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  1. Retiredman says:

    What a load of garbage this is.
    Canada always tries to accomodate all other nationalities and their beliefs. We should call it like it is. Some of these Jhihad are terrorists and should be called that. Whoever wrote this new handbook should throw it out and start again, but be realisitic. Being informed will help the various police organizations bring the terrorists, whoever they may be, to justice.

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