Remind me how gun control works

- July 19th, 2012

Today’s Ottawa Sun reports a man shot dead in Toronto after a soccer game just two days after a horrible mass shooting on Monday night and other recent incidents. The Sun also reports a car chase involving gunfire in Ottawa. All this with handguns, long tightly restricted in Canada.

Someone please explain to me again how gun control stops crime and is smart and sophisticated whereas targeting criminals doesn’t work and is crude and primitive.

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  1. ACMESalesRep says:

    Gun control stops crime by reducing access to guns. Targeting criminals also works, but only if the goal is rehabilitation rather than punishment—things like mandatory sentences have no deterrent effect and, if anything, are correlated with higher rates of reoffense. This isn’t exactly rocket science; there are entire bodies of work on the subject that show that progressive approaches to crime and justice work while so-called “tough on crime” policies don’t, which leads to the question of who really is tough on crime: those who pursue evidence-based policies that have been successful without regard to political optics, or those who base policy on play-acting the role of “tough on crime” without regard for the actual outcome.

  2. glen says:

    we live next to the ultimate gun toting super power on the planet !! getting a handgun or any weapon in the USA is like going to the store for a pizza.????

    we can have all the laws and restrictions we want, if someone wants a gun the boys in the US will sell you one for next to nothing…

  3. jeff says:

    well. in my day it started in the home. guns where treated with respect everyone had them so they weren’t considered gangster. In school (yes in school) we took hunter safety courses and it was drilled in that you never pointed them at someone. Weirdly enough before people got on the ban gun band wagon about them we didnt have these types of events.
    Now i know this has been repeated again and again but it wasn’t a gun that killed these people. it was another person. I think blaming a gun is taking away the evil in the person who did this. why aren’t your whining about that?

    Now the question isnt how do we control guns… the question is why do we have a society that is so angry that they want to hurt each other.

  4. MasterWooten says:

    “Gun control stops crime by reducing access to guns.”

    Wrong! As we see in Canada where gun control is tight, said controls don’t work as against an open border (especially with Indian reserves cross border) whereby the guns are smuggled into the country. Remember, we’re still a free society which allows people and materials across the border. Gun control doesn’t work because criminals DON’T CARE whether or not their guns are illegal, that’s why they are called CRIMINALS! Does anyone in their right mind think that the block party shooter gave a damn that his act of firing randomly into a crowd was a Criminal Code offense?

    “things like mandatory sentences have no deterrent effect and, if anything, are correlated with higher rates of reoffense.”

    Rubbish! You’ll have people believe that revolving door justice lowers crime. That criminals can be given a light “cooling off” or “time out” and then once released they won’t resume their criminal activities? Wake up! Longer sentences DO have a proven deterent effect on crime. Based on your logic, we shouldn’t incarcerate anyone at all.

    Where are these so called “progressive approaches” to crime? I’ve yet to see any such approach work and I work in the justice system. Again you mention “evidence-based” policies? Lets get specific. Show me a program which does not employ “retribution” and “revenge” which are two of the four elements of criminal sanction, that works.

    You talk as though criminals will heed a kind word and a smile versus our taking them out of society. That’s is nonsense and doesn’t mirror the facts. As if criminals don’t respond to pressure, ie police pressure, tougher laws, harsher sentences, try talking to criminals. They relocate or change their activities to correspond with any threat to their activities, that includes police pressure and the likelihood of getting caught. What you fail to realise is that places with high crime rates don’t have those high crime rates because criminal law is too tough, they have those rates because they have too many criminals or people who are criminal in nature who see crime as profitable. Its a culture and respect(or lack theroff) for law issue.

    Before you respond, I’ll cut you off… don’t point to countries with low crime rates and say that their lax criminal justice system results in lower crime because it doesn’t. Their culture and civilization does that. Where crime IS rampant you MUST go with tougher sentences to keep society safe and to remove the threat from society so that they don’t continue preying on victims. Your logic would allow a wild bear which mauls humans to be allowed to continue roaming free. Don’t forget MOST high profile assualts and homocides are commited by repeat offenders, often out on prison furlough who easily could have been still inside.

    I dunno what products ACME has you selling but what you posted here, no one possesing any sense would buy!

  5. Darvey Dakstone says:

    Gun control does not work. Criminals & gangs do not buy guns at a gun store. They get guns smuggled in from across the border. I know living close to the border how easy it is to buy a gun in the states & bring it across. Our laws must be toughened on crimes involving any type of violence & have automatic prison terms.

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