Public Safety Minister Vic Toews speaks about Omar Khadr’s return to Canada

- September 29th, 2012

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  1. Douglas Peters says:

    I enjoy, really, the political editorializing that “sneaks” into this worthy report on Khadr’s transfer to Canada to serve out his sentence.
    Also notable is the refusal to accept that a person who was an adolescent, (14 or 15?) who was named a child soldier by Senator Dallaire and others, might not have been a child soldier because of some unstated, but surely valid, legal doubt.
    There’s no doubt that Khadr is a political asset. There’s no doubt that a lot of creative thought went into this report.

  2. gibs says:

    send him n his whole family bk to where there from for good n put that crying liberal senator dallaire on the same plane with them for his effortless campaing to bring this bastard back

  3. jen says:

    Chretien went to Pakistan on business (which I doubt) when there he asked for the release Omar’s father who was in jail.

    Chretien issued passports and planes fares for Mrs. Khadr even though she made a commitment to the Al Qaeda.

    Since 2006, the liberals, ndp and bloc demanded the ‘return of Omar Khadr; this episode went on daily. Unfortunately the conservative had a minority government at the time and instead of following the will of the majority in parliament, the minority conservative party did their best by dragging their feet and delaying the process for Omar to return to canada until a couple of days ago.

    Ezra is besides himself with fury, but Obama was going to close the Gitmo prison and since Omar is a canadian there was not much choice for this government to do but bring him to canada.

    There is nothing to worry about we have agencies here that are well trained in dealing with terrorists. BUT, there is a huge BUT:
    It is the judges and lawyers and the parole board that tend to lean backwards when dealing with terrorists.

    BTW Daniel, what happened to the Toronto 18 who planned to bomb CT tower and raid the Parliament. Are they still in jail or let out already by some parole board?
    Seems to me, that Ezra has been very quiet on this from the time he first went on air at SNN.

    Just remember it was the opposition parties in the HOC who demanded ‘the return of OMAR KHADR. The very same parties the msm including SNN care about more. Trust me you do.

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