Duncan tries again to meet Chief Spence

- December 27th, 2012

I feel like Dear Abby – at some point someone will have to tell Duncan that she’s just not interested

OTTAWA – Since she agreed to meet with Liberal leadership hopeful Justin Trudeau, Indian Affairs Minister John Duncan is hoping hunger-striking Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence will reconsider his offer to meet with him.

Duncan’s first offer on Christmas was instead met with silence. A day later, Spence welcomed Trudeau to her Victoria Island teepee for a 45-minute meeting.

This prompted Duncan to write another letter to Spence.

“It is my understanding that you met today with a member of Parliament,” he wrote. “Given your willingness to accept meetings now I am hoping that you will reconsider my offer, as minister of the Crown, to meet or speak with you by phone to discuss the issues you have raised publicly.”

Spence is now in the third week of her protest, which includes restricting her food intake to tea and fish broth. On Christmas Eve, Conservative Senator Patrick Brazeau, himself an Aboriginal, tried to pay a visit to Chief Spence but was turned down.

Asked why she’d agree to meet with Trudeau but not with Duncan or Brazeau, Chief Spence said: “Trudeau is a person who’s there for the youth, and he’s seen by the youth as a leader today.” She said she was not asking for a private meeting with the prime minister. “I want the [First Nations] leaders to sit at a table with the prime minister, and the Crown, both levels of government,” she told QMI Agency in an exclusive interview after her meeting with Trudeau.

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  1. clint carpenter says:

    This is BS, just another photo-op for the liberals (who are well known for their bending over and taking it dry from native demands). Maybe they should take some of the 5 billion they get from the feds and buy her a real life.

  2. glenn says:

    just saw justin talking to the chief….seriously she hasn’t eaten for three weeks? i give her 3 months tops before she will need to eat again.

  3. Jen says:

    What exactly is Chief Spence’s problem because I don’t think that she one AT ALL.
    There is a huge De BEERS MINE nearby which provides employment for the ATTAWAPISKAT native so what gives here.

    BTW Bridget, how much money has Chief Spence pocketed or takes from the taxpayers 90 million dollars which was suppose to be for the needs of the natives.

    The fed government provided millions of dollars for a small band of natives and nothing has been accomplished only that the chief makes more money than the PM of canada.

    Again Bridget, will you constantly remind the public the amount of money the government has given to the natives at ATTAWAPISKAT. And whether or not chief Spence put that money to use is HER RESPONSIBILITY, NOT THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.

  4. Jen says:

    Trudeau boy has wealth and so do the NDP why don’t they clean out their bank accounts to help ‘starving’ chief Spence?

  5. Ed says:

    I think the Canadian people need an accounting from the government of how much money is going to the native bands and band members compared to how much they are contributing to the government coffers in taxes etc..

  6. Ron says:

    Oh Canada… Our home and NATIVE Land….. Resource development over the course of 200 years has taken a lot of money out of the land, yet very little has gone back in terms compensation under the numbered treaties and other treaties made before 1930… In comparison look at the multi million dollar deals made for modern day treaties such as the James Bay Cree/Quebec 1975 or the Territory of Nunavut/Canada 1990, the biggest treaty in Canada, BC is still ironing out there’s; modern treaties have lawyers for both sides…. the old treaties were one sided, and done fraudently; in hindsight the government and the Indians see this…. Billions upon billions were reaped with the goal of assimilation; the plan backfired and now they are going to pay for it… the above people commenting are examples what comes from not educating yourself on the true Canadian history folks… WAKE UP CANADA….

  7. Bothside says:

    everybody should support Chief Spence and IDLE NO MORE! It concern native and non-native! Please look online fro IDLE NO MORE! It’s about different bills that allow big corporations to use the natural resources the way they want. If they want to pump all the water from the river and sell to China they can! Other bills include not consulting with first nations on issues that affect them, etc…all these big corporations are destroying the environment up North and polluting the land and water, of course teh ones that suffer the most are natives people. Educated yourself. You will understang why people from around the world, environmentalists, activists, actors, ect support this cause.

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