Of course you still have a crisis

- July 19th, 2012

Theresa Spence

Duh! Your reserve is a mess, Chief, and that’s nobody’s fault but yours.

TORONTO - Attawapiskat’s state of emergency is still in effect months after the northern Ontario reserve made headlines last winter, says its chief.

“We still have a crisis with our housing situation in Attawapiskat,” said Chief Theresa Spence in an exclusive interview QMI Agency at the Assembly of First Nations annual general meeting in Toronto.

Spence also believes Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government has unfairly painted a “nasty” picture of her administration by suggesting her band can’t manage its own affairs.

“I was shocked the way they respond to us declaring the emergency. They mislead a lot of people … the whole country about First Nations, about mismanaging the funding, which was not true,” she said. “What (Harper) did was really wrongful … he got away with it.”

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