Trudeau comes a-calling

- December 26th, 2012

Categories: Aboriginals

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  1. Ron Sadler says:

    She looks pretty damn good for someone who has not eaten in 3 weeks! Just Sayin!

  2. Fred from Brigus says:

    Maybe Justin Trudeau can tell us what Chief Spence did with the 34 million dollars she received from Ottawa last year.

  3. Bryce Kulik says:

    Trudeau is not too bright, just like dad, sucking up to separtists, and hunger striker, she probalbly owns the island she is hiding on with the lost money……………..

  4. ConservaCanuk says:

    Perfect pairing of two useless parasites. One who has no idea of how to run a kool-aid stand let alone a community, and one who has the intellectual strength of a grapefruit.
    The fact that you in the media help push this non-story forward is the real sorry joke, but I guess that’s to be expected.

  5. bob says:

    righties showing there true racist colors

  6. Ron says:

    Unbelievable commentary… such idiots… This movement is about Canadians as a whole, such narrow-minded thinking is what Harper depends on to pass these omnibus bills right under the eyes of the sleeping… Wake Up Canada… Blame the Governments… not the people… Let’s look at the Indians in Sarnia who are blockading the CN Rail… they are there to fight for their indigenous rights and the rights of ALL CANADIANS; Their ancestors fought for Canadian rights in the War of 1812, repay the favour in a show of unity…. I think it’s time that Canadians started to help fight the fight for the First Nations across Canada, they have a stronger legal foundation to make this happen…. because Harper’s selling out Canada right before your eyes and the only concerns you have are your petty narrow-minded views, point your views towards Harper… WHY DOESN’T ANYONE SEE THAT….

  7. Proud just to be a Canadian says:

    “This movement is about Canadians as a whole,..”…..Uh, no, -it is not..!

    It is all about an imaginary “nation”, (as they call themselves), trying to coerce Canada into coughing up, even yet more, cash…; plain and simple..!!
    Go ahead, read into it all the lofty noble sentimental crap you want but the reality of it is ..$$$MONEY$$$: your money and my money.

    You see, in the minds of the native people, we are not even suppose to be here. We screwed up their hunting and fishing grounds, we “stole” their land.
    They can’t get rid of us, so they want compensation in lieu of land. Every time we settle, -and we HAVE settled many times,….woops….”we just discovered we own all the land blah, blah, blah, and we think we should be ……..wait for it…..compensated.”

    It does not matter that we took this country out of the stone age and developed this land into being one of THE most desirable places on earth to live. It does not matter that they enjoy ALL the same benefits ALL canadians enjoy…and more…some of it for free or at least tax free.

    The North American Natives, by their own definition, are “a separate and distinct nation” and they want money from Canada, our nation; nothing more , nothing less.

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