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About C-54

- March 28th, 2013

Royal baby news

- March 28th, 2013

Canada quietly adopted Bill C-53 assenting to the UK changes to the rules of royal succession.

In plain English, it means that Kate’s baby will be next in line after William regardless of gender.

Pip pip.

Cops need wiretap to seize text messages: SCOC

- March 27th, 2013

OTTAWA — Police need a wiretap order to seize your text messages, the Supreme Court ruled Wednesday.

The case arose after an Ontario judge granted a general warrant ordering Telus to give police text messages sent and received between two of its customers over a period of two weeks in 2010.

Telus argued that if police want to acquire the content of text messages in near real time, they should get a wiretap, as they do when they want to intercept phone conversations.

The Crown argued that since text messages aren’t sent and received instantaneously like with dialogue in phone conversations, a general warrant should be enough. Wiretap orders, also known as authorizations to intercept, are more difficult for police to obtain than general search warrants.

In a 5-2 ruling, the country’s highest court sided with the company.

“Text messaging is, in essence, an electronic conversation. Technical differences inherent in new technology should not determine the scope of protection afforded to private communications.”

Message control gone too far?

- March 27th, 2013

Remove that offensive Canada!

- March 27th, 2013

Apparently Radio-Canada is contemplating (story in French) changing its name. I wouldn’t bet on “Canada” staying.