Hail to… the Queen?

- June 8th, 2012

Well, this is embarrassing for the Democrats. A CBS News/New York Times poll finds that our head of state is considerably more popular in the United States than theirs is. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II enjoys a 61% favourable rating among Americans (and just 7% negative) while Barack Obama is clinging by his fingernails to a 45% rating.

Not that the monarchy is about to return to the shores from which it was expelled in 1776-1783. But the poll finds Obama also trailing Prince William and tied with Kate Middleton. On the plus side, he would win an election against Prince Charles (38%) and possibly George II as well; they didn’t ask about the latter.

I’m sorry to say they also didn’t ask Americans how they felt about the acerbic Prince Philip. The Duke of Edinburgh would certainly get my vote simply for responding to a journalist’s inane question how his flight had been by asking if the hapless scribe had ever been on an airplane then saying “It was just like that”, and it would have been too cool if he’d beaten Obama as well. But in any case this result tells us something important about the appeal of dignity and a sense of duty in public life as opposed to narcissism and excuse-mongering.

One finds that encouraging.


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