It’s not the movie that matters

- September 13th, 2012

Getting drawn into discussions of this supposed movie about Islam is a fool’s game. Who made it? Is it the worst film ever? Why was it made? Does it even really exist? None of that matters.

What matters is murderous attacks by people who fly into a lethal fury if contradicted and chant death to America and death to Bush and death to Carter and death to Jews and death to Obama and death to infidels and death to heretics and death to whatever and concoct excuses on a regular basis, from real cartoons to invented ones to the blood libel, that supposedly explain but certainly do not give rise to their obsession with killing other people and frequently themselves as well.

What happened in Benghazi, Cairo and Yemen is not part of an exercise in art criticism. It’s about jihad and that is what we should be discussing.

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  1. Steve d'Eça says:

    It’s tough to deal with a civilization that is looking for any excuse to kill the infidels [and themselves!] to gain some reward in the afterlife.

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