Menzoid Blog roll, May 25

- May 25th, 2012

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  1. DanoBandano says:

    What anti-Obama drivel! Why is the Sun network trying to copy Fox.

    Republican Texas Governor Rick Perry called Mitt Romney’s term as Bain’s honcho as one of “vulture capitalism”. Leveraged buy-outs chewed up a company with it’s own assets and spit out the pieces to profit Bain shareholders and had the opposite effect of job creation. Wages were cut drastically, pensions were lost and many fired from jobs in still profitable firms which they had held for decades. Everyone has seen Romney’s own quote about how he likes firing people. Cold, callous profit taking describes his time at at the helm.

    Bain appears to have got much less callous and more imaginative since he left – yes, execs have contributed to Obama but they are also more into venture capital and not so much into the leveraged buy-outs that left so much wreckage in the American economy.

    But that was Romney’s job at Bain and he done it with vigour. That is also why he can now install a car elevator at his western mansion, he got a cut of the action.

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