The French are showing us the way

- September 19th, 2012

Charlie Hebdo

The left wing irreverent magazine Charlie Hebdo (website is currently down) is at it again, printing new cartoons of Mohammed in this week’s edition. And how are French authorities reacting to this? In a way that ought to make North American politicians ashamed of themselves. That’s some weapons-grade cheese those surrender monkeys have been eating, I tell you. Consider:

- The government of Socialist President Francois Hollande is providing protection for the magazine’s offices (riot police have been standing guard since Tuesday night). It’s also shutting down embassies as precautionary measure;

- The government is also providing protection for the magazine’s publisher, who is not in hiding but rather very visibly out there being his usual defiant self;

- The government is not going to issue police permits for any group wishing to protest the magazine and/or that silly internet film Barack Obama insists is the sole reason for the deadly protests around the world;

- At least one prominent French Muslim reacted by saying his group wouldn’t protest, another French Muslim umbrella group urged its members not to react with violence but rather to express their objection via legal peaceful means.

Back in the day, Charlie Hebdo got in some trouble when it reprinted the famous Danish cartoons. Several French Muslim groups sued the magazine in court for “public injury”. They lost. At the time, President Jacques Chirac reacted pretty much the way Barack Obama is reacting now – he denounced the magazine. But several politicians, including two future presidents – Nicolas Sarkozy and current socialist President Francois Hollande – publicly defended the magazine’s right to publish what it wants.

When the French socialist president shows more strength, guts and principled resolve than the leader of the free world, methinks the leader of the free world has a real problem on his hands.

UPDATE: Now the Arab League is urging those who are offended by the cartoon to “control themselves”. 


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