Where can I find Sun News Network on the dial?

- April 2nd, 2011

Sun News NetworkEven as we cover a federal election campaign, our newsroom is also busy preparing the launch of Sun News Network on April 18. Mercedes Stephenson and I are, every day, now going through rehearsals for our show The Daily Brief (To air M-F at 1800 Easter and again at 2000 Pacific).  As I tell friends about this, the most common question I get back is: Where you will be on the dial?

Here’s the latest answer to that from the folks at head office:

Update of where you can find us on April 18th:

If you currently receive Sun TV (check local listings), you’ll be able to watch Sun News Network on that channel until August 31. For example, Channel 213 on Bell TV or Channel 15 if you’re on Rogers in Toronto.

More info to come as we get it!

You can keep up to date on our work via the Sun News Network pages at Facebook and Twitter.


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  1. Bev Ully says:

    I’m on your side, hate CBC and CTV. I’m hoping for a refreshing change of view, one that’s not biased. Just a note about correcting a few typos on your page (I see these kinds of things on most sites). You say “1800 Easter” time instead of Eastern time and also “the most common question…”, should it not read “Where will you be on the the dial?” instead of “Where you will be on the dial?”? Not a criticism, just trying to help.
    Also, we have Shaw Direct, used to have Bell. Will you be on Shaw at some point. I’m anxious to see you there.

  2. Bob Akey says:

    So you are going to be on Bell express vu? I was under the impression they weren’t carrying Sun News because of being in competition with ctv?

    Boy you’ll make my day, week, month, and year if they are in fact adding it to their lineup! :)

    I can’t seem to find anything confirming this, but my google skills are admittedly weak! ;)

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