Are you secretly eating skunk?

- May 16th, 2012

Roadkill or overkill?

The NPD jumped the squished raccoon:

OTTAWA - The NDP ratcheted up its overkill on government cuts Tuesday, suggesting changes to meat inspection mean Canadians can expect splattered squirrel, groundhogs and other crunched critters for dinner.

“First the Conservatives will let private inspectors monitor meat, and now they’re essentially allowing roadkill ready meat into the food supply,” said Malcolm Allen, the party’s meat and vegetable critic.

The NDP is concerned about what happens to animals on farms before the carcass is shipped to a federally inspected slaughter house.

“Even scarier is the fact that we won’t know how long animals have been dead before processing — or even that the meat will be inspected at all.”

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  1. Jen says:

    That’s all the NDP are good for to ‘scare’ people.

    People eat racoons, snake , frog birds, etc.
    Starving people eat most anything to remain alive. Some eat bugs, roaches, you name it they eat.

    If the NDP think that the food we get is probably from a roadkill don’t go to restaurants or buy any meat from the grocery stores.

    The next time I go to the butcher I will ask him “By the way, the NDP said that the meat we are getting is from a ‘roadkill’ can you(butcher) tell me if it is true?”

    I will ask the same question to a waiter before ordering my meal.

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