Ezra is not sorry

- June 14th, 2012

Categories: Bureaucracy

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  1. Gustave Dekking says:

    Its true you can’t legislate for good taste, and Mr. Levant would not know what Canadian social values looked like even if it were explained to him in a Charter of Rights. He is too preoccupied with his new found “Freedom” maligning everyone who disagrees with his bully wagging antics.
    Most professional institutions or associations do have a governing over-site body made up of their own, and a code of ethics that some even make you swear by. Lawyers for example can take away their own from practicing. I believe Ezra has given them a good case to do just that. His analogy that Reality TV and Sitcoms use of the F-bomb allows him the same privilege to use it in the context that he ended this segment with is utter contempt for anything we as Canadians believe is acceptable. If SUN NEWS where on the gong show there is no doubt it would get the cane. Ezra has a grade 9 view of the world and does not have the maturity, the wisdom, of even an ounce of sense to be called a journalist, let alone a news program. Pandering to the ignorant, the unfortunate, or the illiterate with direct profanity and hateful speech belongs in the can. His abuse on reasonable thinkers and contempt for his own profession has no place in main stream media or the public square.

  2. eddy.canuck says:

    Gustave – wow, quite the rant. Eloquent but still – incoherent. So seriously – what are you talking about? Lets look at your points rather than stoop to character assassination.

    1) Lack of good taste and “Canadian” social values. A chaque son gout. Who are YOU to arbitrate MY values? Sun News is all about intellectual combat against the soft, squishy, liberal-left tripe that has dominated our media for decades and Ezra is our General Patton. As to “good taste” – have you watched TV these days? There is very little “good taste” left, hence the clips of TPB as evidence. His point was it’s pretty hard to get worked up about him swearing ONCE in an obscure language most Canadians would not understand when the (digital) airwaves are filled with many programs full of gratuitous profanity and constant sexual innuendo. Come on, get real and put this in perspective. Yes, he swore and I wish he didn’t but you can hardly say this is unique. Anyways – somewhat surprisingly – swearing is not illegal under the “CBSC code”. As to Canadian Values I don’t see why the handful of complainers who triggered a review are representative of all Canadians. They tend to be “Complainers of Fortune” who advance their ideology off the avails of such quasi-government bodies like the CBSC. Any and all complaints are taken – but there is no test of “representativeness”.

    2) “Standards of conduct like the CBSC’s are not unique.” Yes, but they only seem deployed against conservative, right-wing commentators. This is because conservatives are mostly in support of free speech/expression so they would never launch a complaint to an odious body like the CBSC. Also, as you mentioned conservatives tend to be “preoccupied with freedom” and that is Ezra’s whole point. He is CHALLENGING this body – the CBSC – because of it’s fundemental threat to his conservative freedom of expression. And as he pointed out – the CBSC bears a striking resemblance to the old “Star Chamber” and times have changed dramatically since the CBSC Code was created. There is a good case to made that the CBSC code is out-of-date.

    After all, Ezra’s show is not a news report – it is Editorial comment and there is no reason to be balanced, or fair to other POV’s etc. No one gives Rex Murphy a hard time as he screeches and rattles his way thru his diatribes – in fact his skilled erudition and Newfie accent are as much part of its entertainment value as Rick Mercers rants (only the CBSC does not apply to them).


  3. eddy.canuck says:


    3) Now Ezra has called-out the CBSC top brass and Adjudicators but this is not “maligning everyone who disagrees with his bully wagging tactics” it is engaging the adjudicators to defend themselves. Luckily Troy Reeb was brave enough to do so. The others who did not are the cowardly bully’s and I see nothing wrong with mocking their authority when they abuse it. They are big boys and girls and certainly have been vested with significant power and authority. They like to “dishing it out” but lets see if they can take it when it comes right back at them?

    Everything else you wrote is an impressive name-calling jumble of personal insults without premise. (i.e Gr 9, lack of wisdom/maturity, no journalistic sense, pandering and hateful, unreasonable thinker, abuse of reason and contemptfor profession.) But thank-you for making this obvious.

    I feel Ezra position would be better defended if he had not sworn in spanish – be now he is using the complaint just for the pleasure of repeating the complaint over and over. I support everything else he has done to highlight the problems with the CBSC “censorship”.


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