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Thomas Mulcair slams evangelical Christian groups

- February 11th, 2013


NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair lashed out at evangelical Christian groups Monday, accusing them of going “completely against” Canadian values and law.

Mulcair’s anger spilled over when reporters asked about Crossroads Relief and Development – a group getting around $540,000 from the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) to build wells and provide clean water in Uganda. Read more…

Liberal MP back as critic after Alberta rant

- January 31st, 2013


Ottawa South MP David McGuinty has a new role within the Liberal Party caucus in the House of Commons. He’s now the critic for science and technology (picking that up from Grit leadership contender Marc Garneau) as well as the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario.  That’s because McGuinty had to apologize and resign as natural resources critic for his “go back to Alberta” attack on Conservative MPs last November, accusing them of not taking a national approach on energy issues.  Here’s what he said: Read more…

Strut your stuff, Canada tells fighter jet makers

- January 25th, 2013


OTTAWA – The feds are playing quiz-master with fighter jet manufacturers, asking five companies for input on a draft questionnaire developed for the industry.

The move is part of the government’s new effort to evaluate the F-35, Super Hornet, Saab Gripen, French-made Rafale, and Eurofighter as replacements for Canada’s old CF-18 fleet.

“Describe the air-to-air, air-to-ground and anti-surface warfare weapon capabilities intended for operational use on the aircraft,” the questionnaire asks manufacturers, among more than two dozen questions. Read more…

The NDP supports Sun News Network’s application for a better broadcast licence?

- January 25th, 2013


When the CRTC ruled against Bell’s attempted take-over of Astral Media, the NDP was very supportive. The New Democrats hailed the broadcast regulator’s decision as one that supports diversity in the media. Asked whether the idea of more channels and more voices are generally a good idea in media, the NDP’s Françoise Boivin agreed heartily and without reservation. Read more…

Menzoid Blog roll, June 25

- June 25th, 2012