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$56 million just to build Nanisivik refuelling facility

- July 5th, 2013


Don’t let the $56 million price tag fool you.

That estimated construction cost for a military gas station in Nanisivik, Nunavut only covers about half the budget set aside for the project.

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Hot stuff

- June 26th, 2013

According to a Sierra Club Canada press release, Barack Obama’s global warming bowl of mush yesterday, in which he didn’t even take a clear stand on the Keystone XL pipeline proposal, “may turn out to be one of the most important speeches in American history”. Right. Forget “I Have a Dream” or the Farewell Address or the Gettysburg Address. Give a formulaic shout-out, take off your jacket again, mop your brow theatrically and drone on and your words “may turn out to be” studied, cited and cherished two centuries hence.

Or not.

More global warming

- May 30th, 2013

Britain is on track for its coldest spring in a half-century according to the Telegraph. Phew. Sweltering in here, isn’t it?

No Twitter – He is not stepping down!

- May 23rd, 2013

BC NDP Leader Adrian Dix addressed the loss of the B.C. election yesterday in Vancouver and pointed the finger at himself.

24 Hours Vancouver columnist Bill Tieleman joined David Akin on Battleground to dissect the press conference.

Say wheat?

- April 9th, 2013

So apparently this is the Day of Action to Stop GM Alfalfa. Well, the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network says it is, anyway. Not quite an event on par with, say, World Health Day (April 7) or National Tartan Day (April 6) in terms of official endorsement, though probably about the same in terms of impact.

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