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Canada should prepare for more worldwide turmoil, report warns

- February 20th, 2013


An alarming new report warns the next year “could be even more troublesome” for Canada than 2012 in terms of global trouble spots and economic worries.

“The Middle East is in worse shape than at the beginning of the Arab Spring; Iran looms ever more ominously … North Korea threatens the U.S. with nuclear weapons; the tone between China and Japan and other players of the region over islands dotting the South and East China Seas has become harsher,” said the Conference of Defence Associations Institute (CDAI) in its latest strategic outlook. Read more…

Bev Oda backtracks on travel expenses

- May 31st, 2012

International Cooperation Minister Bev Oda appears to have  paid taxpayers back for more than a $16 orange juice and her stay at the Savoy.

But she’s keeping her lips zipped over the details.

In the House Thursday, opposition MPs peppered Oda with questions over why her publicly available past travel expenses have been amended online, including trips to East Africa and Haiti.

From NDP MP Charlie Angus in Question Period – (Oda) was caught hiding outrageous limo expenses. She has been caught and had to pay back for her rock star trip to London. Now we find she has been changing the travel claims for her latest round of trips.

Canadians play by the rules, but the government seems to think it is above it. My simple question is, what is the minister trying to hide this time?

Oda’s stock response (aided in later questions by House Leader Peter Van Loan):  Mr. Speaker, all incremental costs that should not have been expensed, including extraneous car service, et cetera, have been repaid. Only appropriate expenses, eligible expenses have been paid by the government.

That’s good to know.



Honorary degree for the GG

- May 17th, 2010

GG for blog-2

Governor General Michaelle Jean is to receive an honorary degree from the Royal Military College in Kingston Thursday. But don’t think for a moment that the conferring of such degrees is a run-of-the-mill activity.

A few years back, RMC tried to give a degree to retired U.S. Marine Corp General Anthony Zinni.  But Zinni had been critical of then-U.S. defence secretary Donald Rumsfeld over Iraq. The Canadian government, and specifically then-defence minister Gordon O’Connor, moved to block the degree.

Presumably this Thursday’s ceremony won’t excite the same degree of controversy.

Selling sunglasses amid the rubble

- February 15th, 2010


A good sign in Haiti’s capital city, Port-au-Prince, is the vendors lining the streets selling bags, clothes and food.

rubblepeople in rubble

But there are still more signs like this of the long-term devastation…tented villages, rubble and collapsed buildings.

Canada cares

- February 15th, 2010

Harper and Preval
Prime Minister Stephen Harper is on a two-day mission to see the earthquake’s devastation in Haiti and to tell the population here that Canada won’t abandon the country. After touching down in the flattened capital city of Port-au-Prince, Harper met with Haitian President Rene Preval. He said even though Canada faces its own financial challenges in the coming years, helping Haiti will be a top priority.