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Canada needs to do more to protect teens from porn, sociologist says

- November 20th, 2013


OTTAWA — Canada can reduce the demand for prostitutes by better limiting teenagers’ access to pornography, Wheelock College sociologist Dr. Gail Dines says.

“We have 40 years of peer-reviewed studies that shows that pornography shapes the way boys and men think about women,” the Boston-based professor told a press conference on Parliament Hill Wednesday. “It shapes their behaviour as well.”

She said the earlier boys start viewing porn, the less they’re able to perform sexually without it, while their appetite for uninhibited sex partners increases. Read more…

“Everyone had a good chuckle at your questions”

- November 14th, 2013

The government pulled together a press conference Thursday morning to share with the media all the great work they’re doing, helping victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.

International Development Minister Christian Paradis explained in his deeply broken English that Canada has shown “compassion” and “leadership” when it comes to its humanitarian aid to the ravished Pacific country.

“Our soldiers are helping these people,” he said.

Interestingly, reporters on the ground in the Philippines are being told by the military all questions about what they’re doing have to go through Ottawa. The reporters don’t understand why – isn’t it in the military’s interest to explain all the great work they’re doing?

Military personnel are not known for their opposition to authority, but these directives not to talk came down from on high – the government – and are leaving many wondering whether the government’s “compassion” and “leadership” in the Philippines don’t have more to do with optics than actually caring about helping Filipinos.

Asked at the press conference why military had been given this directive, a military official only said his personnel follow orders, they don’t dictate them. Paradis had left the building by then and couldn’t answer the question himself.

Political staffers involved in the press conference said only that they were amused by the question of why military would be directed by the government not to talk to reporters on the ground.

“Everyone had a good chuckle at your questions,” was the way one put it.


Green Party leader defends Tory MP’s moot gendercide motion

- April 18th, 2013


Conservative MP Mark Warawa’s effort to raise the issue of “gendercide” in the House of Commons is over.

A parliamentary committee unanimously shoved aside expert advice in late March to declare his motion to condemn sex-selective abortion non-votable, and now Warawa says he won’t appeal that decision to the speaker.

“I’ve decided to continue working on the sex-selection, gendercide issue by speaking at universities, giving lectures and engaging in debates,” the British Columbia politician said Wednesday.

It’s widely rumoured that Prime Minster Stephen Harper orchestrated the committee decision to kill Warawa’s motion because it mentioned abortion. Read more…

These days

- March 20th, 2013

Well whoop de doo. It’s the International Day of La Francophonie or, to be entirely PC, the Journée internationale de la Francophonie. The weird thing is, I haven’t heard anyone talk about it except, of course, Canadian political leaders who barraged me with press releases expressing their solemn dedication to this non-event.

Read more…

From the government, and there to help

- March 14th, 2013

Seems applying for Obamacare is liable to be a stress-inducing bureaucratic ordeal.

Who saw that coming?