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Whine and rhyme don’t

- June 19th, 2013

If Canada’s poet laureate did not exist it would not be necessary to invent him. And perhaps not possible either, even for a gimlet-eyed satirist.

Consider that the actual incumbent of this actual position, Fred Wah, was just quoted in the newspapers whining to some Scottish audience that in all his time in office he’s only been asked to produce one “mediocre poem” (his own description) about the Queen, instead of being invited to land one left-wing verse haymaker after another on the Harper administration “about immigration policy, about Idle No More, about Canada’s complicity in the Middle East, the Enbridge pipeline” and so on.

When you consider that his official oeuvre begins “She said looking through the monarchy of pronouns Her halftone face profiles the moment” it is less surprising than he seems to believe that he was not asked for an encore. Besides, what rhymes with Enbridge? Although I gather rhyming is passé in poetry these days.

So long then Fred

Your stuff’s unread

Up we are fed.

If that’s a poem

You should go home

And cease to show ‘em.

Canadian military team to race Prince Harry-led Brits to South Pole

- April 19th, 2013


Master Cpl. Chris Downey and Cpl. Alexandre Beaudin D’Anjou will represent Canada at the South Pole Allied Challenge – a 320 km race to the South Pole that involves and raises money for ill and injured military personnel.

Downey and D’Anjou will be on a Commonwealth team alongside two Australian colleagues in November.

They’ll compete against a British team led by Prince Harry, a military helicopter pilot, and an American team in the challenge expected to last up to a month. Read more…

Good King Richard?

- February 6th, 2013

Now that the body of King Richard III has apparently been found in the ruins of a monastery under a parking lot in Leicester, what shall we do about the historical injustice he suffered? I know that may sound like a ridiculous question; unless you are a member of the Richard III society you probably don’t have strong feelings in favour of the last Yorkist monarch and unless you are a fan of Shakespeare’s portrayal you probably don’t have strong feelings against him. But the fact is that that there’s a strong case that Richard was unjustly deposed and killed, that his reputation was then mercilessly trashed without foundation, and that the course of English history would be quite different if it had not happened.

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Welcome to Canada Portia Simpson Miller, prime minister of Jamaica

- October 15th, 2012

Jamaica’s prime minister will be in Canada for an official visit next week, meeting with Prime Minster Stephen Harper.  I wonder if they’ll talk about the monarchy?

In advance of the visit, here are some facts about Canada-Jamaica relations , according to the feds:

-Jamaica celebrated 50 years of independence on August 6, 2012, and Canada opened its high commission in Kingston when that country declared independence in 1962.

-Canada and Jamaica cooperate within the Commonwealth, the United Nations and the Organization of American States.

- Canada and Jamaica signed a Memorandum of Understanding in 2012 to establish a Canadian Forces Operational Support Hub in Jamaica.



Prime Minister Stephen Harper today announced that he will meet with Portia Simpson Miller, Prime Minister of Jamaica, on October 22, 2012, during her official visit to Canada.

“Jamaica and Canada are good friends and neighbours in the Americas who enjoy solid commercial and people to people relations while sharing deep historic ties as members of the Commonwealth ,” said the Prime Minister. “It is fitting on the 50th anniversary of bilateral relations that we look at ways to further strengthen the bonds between our nations.”

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A King in your parking spot?

- September 12th, 2012

They paved Plantagenet and put up a a parking lot – Well maybe.

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