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MPs spending and Liberal leadership round up

- February 22nd, 2013

Candace Malcolm with the Canadian Taxpayers Federation is calling for Justine Trudeau to apologize to Canadians for skipping out on parliamentary sittings for speaking engagements. She joins David Akin to lay out the case for greater scrutiny of MPs value for money.

Sun News Commentator Ray Heard also joins David Akin to calculate the impact of David Suzuki’s support of Joyce Murray.

Senators LeBreton, Cowan push for pressure over housing allowances

- February 11th, 2013

On Monday afternoon, shortly after the Tories faced a series of questions over Senate reform and Senate spending, Leader of the Government in the Senate Marjorie LeBreton and Leader of the Opposition in the Senate James Cowan sent the following letter to both the press gallery and to two members of the Senate Committee on Internal Economy.

That committee kick started an internal Upper Chamber audit in January looking broadly into the housing allowances claimed by the senators after concerns were raised over the allowance claims by a trio of senators. It’s expected to be complete before the end of the month.

The full letter is after the jump.

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NDP MP settles defamation case, still collecting donations?

- February 11th, 2013


A week after settling a $5-million defamation lawsuit against him, NDP MP Pat Martin’s fundraising website to cover his legal costs still says the “court case is proceeding and legal expenses are mounting.”

“We are reaching out to supporters for help in meeting these costs and we appreciate any contribution you might make,” says the main message on the website

Martin has confirmed to QMI Agency that he settled the lawsuit with automated call company Racknine for an undisclosed amount on Feb. 4.

Both he and NDP officials have not responded to questions about the fundraising site or to what purpose donations will now be directed.

Racknine sued Martin last February after he publicly accused it of trying to “defraud the electoral system” through so-called deceptive robocalls on behalf of the Conservatives in the 2011 election.

Rookie Conservative MP Erin O’Toole has asked the federal ethics commissioner, Mary Dawson, to investigate whether the website violates conflict of interest rules.

The commissioner’s office says O’Toole’s letter was delivered Monday.

“I can confirm that a letter was just received around noon today and the commissioner will be reviewing it,” spokeswoman Jocelyn Brisebois said in an e-mail. “Due to confidentiality rules, the office cannot comment further.”

Speaking on Martin’s behalf, the NDP dismissed O’Toole’s complaint Sunday.

The party issued a terse statement saying that the ethics commissioner, Revenue Canada, and Elections Canada were all consulted before Martin’s fund was set up.

Bev Oda backtracks on travel expenses

- May 31st, 2012

International Cooperation Minister Bev Oda appears to have  paid taxpayers back for more than a $16 orange juice and her stay at the Savoy.

But she’s keeping her lips zipped over the details.

In the House Thursday, opposition MPs peppered Oda with questions over why her publicly available past travel expenses have been amended online, including trips to East Africa and Haiti.

From NDP MP Charlie Angus in Question Period – (Oda) was caught hiding outrageous limo expenses. She has been caught and had to pay back for her rock star trip to London. Now we find she has been changing the travel claims for her latest round of trips.

Canadians play by the rules, but the government seems to think it is above it. My simple question is, what is the minister trying to hide this time?

Oda’s stock response (aided in later questions by House Leader Peter Van Loan):  Mr. Speaker, all incremental costs that should not have been expensed, including extraneous car service, et cetera, have been repaid. Only appropriate expenses, eligible expenses have been paid by the government.

That’s good to know.



Living the high life at your expense

- April 24th, 2012

Bev Oda

Cue the hair toss and the “Because I’m worth it” tag line. International Co-operation Minister Bev Oda seems to think five-star hotels aren’t good enough for her. Easy to say when you’re not the one paying the bill. Wonder what she’d say to a little trip to the back benches? The view there is pretty rotten. But hey, at least it’s cheap.