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George said what?

- May 23rd, 2013

In 1795 U.S. President George Washington wrote to Edmund Randolph (this quotation comes to me courtesy of the Patriot Post Founder’s Quote Daily) that “There is but one straight course, and that is to seek truth and pursue it steadily.”

How very quaint this 18th-century sentiment seems today. But (now you laugh) I’d still like to see someone in politics try it. Who knows? It just might work.


Accounting for opinions in Ontario

- May 23rd, 2013

Abacus Data CEO David Coletto joins David Akin with the issues that are top of mind for Ontario voters and the party that they think would best deal with those issues.


No Twitter – He is not stepping down!

- May 23rd, 2013

BC NDP Leader Adrian Dix addressed the loss of the B.C. election yesterday in Vancouver and pointed the finger at himself.

24 Hours Vancouver columnist Bill Tieleman joined David Akin on Battleground to dissect the press conference.

Doesn’t inspire confidence

- May 6th, 2013

How confused can politicians be about what they do for a living? Best not to ask, especially given Ontario Tory leader Tim Hudak’s latest inspiration to force politicians to explain why they won’t show lack of confidence in a ministry they might have confidence in.

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Child molester house arrest bill deemed ‘votable’

- April 23rd, 2013


The same parliamentary sub-committee that killed Mark Warawa’s motion against “gendercide” has given the Conservative MP the thumbs-up for a private member’s bill on a completely different issue.

Warawa’s bill to prevent sexual abusers of children from serving house arrest within two kilometres of their victims’ homes got the go-ahead to proceed Tuesday after Conservative, NDP and Liberal MPs deemed it votable.

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