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Accounting for opinions in Ontario

- May 23rd, 2013

Abacus Data CEO David Coletto joins David Akin with the issues that are top of mind for Ontario voters and the party that they think would best deal with those issues.


Doesn’t inspire confidence

- May 6th, 2013

How confused can politicians be about what they do for a living? Best not to ask, especially given Ontario Tory leader Tim Hudak’s latest inspiration to force politicians to explain why they won’t show lack of confidence in a ministry they might have confidence in.

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Ontario Throne Speech examined

- February 20th, 2013

Was the Ontario Liberal Throne speech a parade of sacred cows? Or a conciliatory road map?

David Akin is joined by Sun News Reporter Alexandra Gunn and Political Strategist Jason Lietaer to read the entrails.



Big big big government in Ontario

- February 12th, 2013

Premier Kathleen Wynne is putting a new face on her government with a whole new team appointed to her cabinet.  The new Ontario Premier appointed 27 people to posts in her government. Toronto Sun comment editor Adrienne Batra says this may not be enough to change the channel on the big issues behind them.

Batra joined David Akin on Battleground with analysis of the issues.

Dalton’s Canadian joke

- October 25th, 2012

Remember the joke about how to get a bunch of Canadians out of a swimming pool? (A: Say “Hey, all you Canadians, get out of the swimming pool.”) Seems Dalton McGuinty’s the one laughing now, given his latest excuse for proroguing the Ontario legislature. Read more…