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Justice veiled

- December 21st, 2012

Commentators are generally praising the restrained nature of the Supreme Court’s decision-like object on whether women may testify with their faces hidden for what the Chief Justice, for the majority, called its “just and proportionate balance between freedom of religion and trial fairness.” And given the sorts of things the Court often does we should probably be grateful, in the short run, that it was not a thundering declaration that from now on anyone may wear a niqab in court. But the ruling and the trend in comments on it are dismaying from the point of view of principle.

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Two minutes of politics, April 25

- April 25th, 2012

Mitt Romney
As expected, Mitt Romney won last night’s primaries. Yes, we still have primaries. The race for the Republican nomination is still officially on, despite the fact that, well, there’s no one else really other than Mitt Romney. Still, he has to reach that magic number of 1,144 delegates and be confirmed at the convention in August. And so he campaigns.

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Two minutes of politics, April 24

- April 24th, 2012

Bruce Hyer

Bruce Hyer is best known in Canada for… well, actually, he’s not all that well known at all. But he deserves an honourable mention for his decision to quite his party over a matter of principle.

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Two minutes of politics, April 23

- April 23rd, 2012

Temporary foreign workers - should they be tested on their English?

Should temporary workers from foreign countries applying to stay in Canada as permanent residents and eventually citizens take language tests? Well, isn’t that an interesting question…

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Two minutes of politics, April 20

- April 20th, 2012

Barack Obama
Hey kids, wanna know how to commit career suicide in a few easy short steps? Just follow the example of the Secret Service agents traveling to Columbia in advance of President Obama’s visit to the Latin American country this past weekend. We told you about the story earlier this week. Agents partying with prostitutes, bringing them back to their hotel, drinking heavily. Three agents are out of the Service, and another 8 are still on leave pending the results of an internal investigation.

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