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Shimon Peres: Be my friend for peace, the remix

- May 7th, 2012

Israeli President Shimon Peres is in Canada for a four-day visit. Among the topics expected to be discussed when he meets with Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird and other senior members of government is Iran, regional security issues, and the Arab Spring.

Without playing down his concerns over the threat he believes Iran poses to Israel, Peres has called for a diplomatic resolution to the current crisis in the last few months in media interviews, official statements and on Facebook.

Here’s a peace message from the Nobel laureate from his official youtube channel – asking us all to ‘Be my Friend for Peace.”

The ballad of Justin and Patrick

- April 3rd, 2012

Cape Breton Liberal MP Rodger Cuzner often pens his members statements to the House of Commons with care. Here is Monday’s ode to the Justin Trudeau/Patrick Brazeau fight from last weekend.

Oh, this is funny

- March 19th, 2012

And what a great way to distract you from the Bob Rae attack ads!

Rombo might backfire

- February 20th, 2012

Am I the only one thinking this ad will play against Santorum?

Now where I have heard this before?

- January 25th, 2012

Last night’s State of the Union Address was probably as good a speech as President Obama could give. I know; faint praise. Now folks everywhere are busy picking it apart, and that’s always a fun exercise. This is especially amusing: