CBC is unhinged over WikiLeaks

- July 28th, 2010

The CBC has truly lost its collective mind over the WikiLeaks release of the Afghan war logs. Despite denials from the families involved, despite denials from military officials and readily available eyewitness accounts, CBC continues to pretend that perhaps, just maybe the government is lying and four Canadian soldiers were killed by an American bomb.

I can understand the rush to run with that story when the WikiLeaks Afghan documents were first released. On the face of it the situation report from the Americans on September 3, 2006 would appear to say that a U.S. bomb killed our four brave soldiers. That’s not what happened, they were killed during a battle with Taliban fighters, a point of fact the CBC now calls an “assertion.”

The CBC has even dragged NDP defence critic Jack Harris into the world of truth seeking, Harris telling the state broadcaster that the families of the fallen deserve the truth. “They deserve to know what actually happened and if there’s any doubt cast by this and I think there is some doubt because those two stories cannot live together,” Harris told CBC.

I wish it were just the CBC reporter that tracked down Harris in Newfoundland to ask him about this story, sadly it is not. On television, on radio and online, CBC has cast doubt about the official story even while carrying the sounds and images of grieving family members proclaiming the truth.

The CBC has chosen to believe a piece of raw data, collected illegally and posted on a website committed to ending the war because it fits with one of their main storylines of the Afghan war, the government is lying. Contrast that to their reaction to another big WikiLeaks information dump, the Climategate emails. At that time CBC wasn’t overly interested in running stories about emails and documents that hackers took without permission. When they finally did get around to running the story more than a week later it was to say that the data might have been tampered with.

The reason for the discrepancy is simple; one story fits an existing narrative while the other does not.

For those interested in knowing the truth about what happened to Warrant Officer Richard Nolan, Warrant Officer Frank Mellish, Sgt. Shane Stachnik and Pte. William Cushley I suggest you read the excellent report by Adam Day of Legion Magazine. Day was in Afghanistan at the time of the battle, he spoke to the soldiers that were there, he conducted several interviews. When you read Day’s reporting, listen to the family members recount their own stories, there is no doubt that the official version is the truth.

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  1. While I don’t buy the conspiracy theory, something doesn’t quite work out.

    An american soldier filed a report, stating that a bomb was dropped on that building and that, as a result, four Canadians were killed and seven were injured.

    You will agree that there is a world of difference between dropping a bomb and and a Taliban attack. A world of difference big enough that it can raise some legitimate question about really what happended that day.

    And on those seven injured – the report leads to believe that the building was bombed, and that ground troops from the RCAG cleared the building, looking for survivors and they are the ones who took in charge the seven injured Canadians…

    Just… something doesn’t add up. Not crying conspiracy or government hiding the truth, but something definitely stinks. And I wish it didn’t, for those four families.

  2. Is it possible the sponsors for the Warmist agenda have paid off the media outlets?

    A large number of banks and energy companies stand to make millions in credits.

  3. amherstvw says:

    How’s the old “transparency” and “truth” of the military and government coming regarding Canada’s compliance with international treaties on human rights ?

    “there is no doubt that the official version is the truth”

    OK, thought so.

  4. Bill says:

    It’s hard to say what purpose the CBC serves these days. Is it the official rumor mill providing non scandals for an emasculated dysfunctional opposition or are they the defacto self appointed opposition? CBC Canada’s unelected government in waiting.

    Yawn!l another day another non-scandal from the hate-Harper press gallery. Good thing no one listens anymore to their self serving gum flapping.

  5. windy says:

    Probably well ahead of China

  6. Fred says:

    The CBC is beyond pathetic, beyond stupid, beyond redemption.

    This is the kind of “reporting” that justifies removing their $1.3 billion annual lip-lock on the public teat.

    Kill off the CBC. Canadians would get better value flushing that money into a cesspit.

  7. Steve says:

    Thanks Brian for your excellent reporting, the CBC is out of control, openly hostile to the conservative government, disrespectfull to the grieving families of the Canadian Military, and etically corrupt in its uncritical support and promotion of the Liberal party of Canada,

    The CBC is a disgrace

  8. Bob Coxon says:

    The left wing media led by the CBC is indicative of the journalistic cancer spreading throughout the country. What ever happened to now have ethics being replaced by sensationalism?

  9. Bubba Brown says:

    C. B. C. Corrupt Broadcasting Corporation. Cut. Off. Their. Funding.

  10. Van Grungy says:

    “Contrast that to their reaction to another big WikiLeaks information dump, the Climategate emails. At that time CBC wasn’t overly interested in running stories about emails and documents that hackers took without permission.”

    The Climategate emails and CODE were leaked…

    No evidence was ever found pointing to an outsider…

  11. Paul says:

    By CBC do you mean French or English, television or radio, Radio Canada International or sports? CTV is not a fair broker of Canadian news simply because it is understaffed and relies on American correspondents. After the BBC, CBC is probably the best balanced of media. Without them, who would Steve Harper and his ilk blame? Nuff said, the standard of debate here barely rises above a government cabinet meeting.

  12. duffman says:

    It is CBC. What did you expect? They are Canada’s version of the National Enquirer or some crappy rag like that. Why are Canadians even funding the CBC? Time to cut the funding to them. And it would not be such a loss as i do not know anybody who really watches or listens to their broadcasts as they are so full of shi@

  13. Rick B says:

    For an entity whose survival relies on a massive influx of tax dollars from all of Canada, the CBC offers such a blatant slant in it’s reporting and overall culture of programming. The Beeb is much the same way.
    Naturally, the CBC knows that their chances of milking the public teat in such ravenous ways improve when their partners, The Liberal Party of Canada, get to call the shots.
    The CBC should be cut off. Let the Liberals fund their own communications wing instead of the entire nation paying for it.

  14. Vancouverite says:

    Wow hate much?

    This is the difference I think between consumers of Fox News and the CBC — one is fuelled with hatred, the other with altruism.

    Enjoy your little echo chamber here, haters.

  15. Ændrew says:

    ITT: ball-hurt Sun Media consumers (and writer).

  16. Rob says:

    Well to all of you who jeep saying that “something isn’t right” or that keep insisting thast there is a conspiracy here to keep the truth from the public: I am now 26 years old, I was a serving member of the unit in question, and I WAS THERE. They died in the exact manner the “official version” says they did. If you don’t believe me, track me down somehow and I’ll prove it to you. Otherwise shut the hell up.

  17. David says:

    So… the real story here is (yet another) attack on the CBC from Sun Media.

  18. AJ King says:

    The article states: “That’s not what happened, they were killed during a battle with Taliban fighters, a point of fact the CBC now calls an “assertion.” ”

    How do you know for sure that you’re right about this? How do you KNOW that that the soldiers were NOT killed by an American bomb? Just curious.

  19. Dave says:

    “There is no doubt that the official version is the truth.” Holy crap, I can’t believe I just read this.

    Sorry… I’ll stop thinking for myself now.

  20. Steve says:

    Thanks Brian as always dead-on insight,

    P.S. I’ll see to it that you and Tory will be on TV in no time. Where’s Konrad’s number at the CRTC? Mr Giorno, Can I call him? Can I? Can I?

  21. T.G. says:

    Sadly, when the story broke CTV was also rabid right off the bat about Harper and his evil empire bamboozling the idiotic sheep. I think maybe both broadcasters should be held to account for their incessant attacks on Harper and coddling of Iggy and Jumpin’ Jack (Jack’s yammering always plays well in the bleeder camps). McLean’s magazine is pretty much the same. What happened to an unbiased press? God knows there are enough things to criticize on both sides, let’s just balance them out a little.

  22. John M says:

    It is bad enough our soldiers are being lost in the efforts there. THe CBC is using this to further remove the spotlight from themselves, who cannot seem to accurately report their own inaccuracies or out-right malfeasance of taxpayers funds. They will repeatly ask/look for answers that cannot be answered any better than they already have been..Why not use that illusion of integrity on your own reporting techniques and accountibilities of taxpayers money CBC..?

  23. Chris says:

    Interesting that 90,000 pages of information come out for the publics veiw and news outlets in Canada (right or left) can only talk about one thing. While the deaths of these soldiers are tragic it would seem that this subject of whether or not they were killed by friendly fire or enemy weaponry is a distraction from the real questions that should be asked from the release of these documents. Why is there no outrage or even mention of indiscriminate killing of civilians in Afghanistan. Why is there no question of the mission, if it is right to continue to destroy a foreign nation and kill its people as we supposedly try to bring freedom and peace to the region. Are we really even there for the people of Afghanistan? I believe not, if you dig carefully beyond all the media spins and government lies you will find that we are there to protect Halliburton as it prepares to build a pipeline through the country to the Middle east as there is plenty of oil just waiting to be stolen from Iraq. The other reason we are there, Afghanistan has billions of dollars of natural resources and as a backward nation of farmers and peasants they will not be able to defend themselves as we take it from them. But I guess calling out our government on the mass murder of innocent civilians and the stealing of their land and resources would not be patriotic so I should just shut up and accept news reports that dont question the status quo. Anyways I’ve got to run got to go stick my head in the sand..

  24. Marc says:

    Considering how corrupt the US government and military is, I would not be at all surprised if the “conspiracy theory” was true. They have lied many times in the past about the deaths of their own military people, so why wouldn’t they lie about the deaths of ours?

  25. Stan says:

    Henry Champ bashes the US media over the Sherrod affair but refuses to retract the ‘N-word at the T-party’ story he did.
    Either he doesn’t have any proof of that or he just doesn’t need the $100,000.00 that Breiebart is offering.



  26. ted says:

    CBCers dont watch or listen to anything else period.They all hate the PM with a passion,every last one.It has always been that way. No big deal.What i find truly scary is the hatred shown our PM and anything right of centre on a daily basis and all fed by all taxpayers.It,s as if nobody should think differently,like it,s a crime.So much hatred for Harper,and it,s only politics.
    I wish he would take it apart but downtown TO would not allow it.I can,t wait for a MAJORITY.come 2011

  27. andycanuck says:

    And, as Christie Blatchford’s article about this points out, one day later on Sept. 4, 2006 one Canadian soldier was killed and 36 were wounded by the friendly fire of a U.S. Warthog attack aircraft so the idea that there was a coverup of four friendly fire deaths one day when there was a worse attack the next day is ludicrous.

    And the CBC isn’t being ‘attacked’ here for being the CBC but for promoting a false story and getting its facts wrong, David.

  28. RBurton says:

    It all comes down to what ordinary Canadians believe are true ‘Canadian Values’. Liberals and the CBC have a version of Canadian Values which make Canadians look like we’re all clones from a mix of Mary Poppins and Louis XVI. Nothing bad happens here but we must each carry our own cloak of shame for all the terribly insensitive things all Canadians have done, are doing or will do.
    Take Captain Robert Semrau for instance………..he is a champion of all that is right in my book, but then again, I don’t subscribe to the Liberal sense of what Canadian Values are. I cannot live up to that level of perfection; therefore, I must be a Bush-loving, war-mongering, immigrant-hating, and red-neck yahoo.
    Considering that Liberals and their communications wing, the CBC, are all well above the level of those aforementioned, it is comforting to know that the Liberals and CBC are also well above the level of labelling or stereotyping people, unless you aren’t one of them.
    With all of these culture-war issues going on, you’d think there was an election just around the corner.

  29. Will says:

    CBC is unhinged? CBC has no purpose? And I suppose a guy like you, who daily checks the neocon talking points, is the source to turn to for the truth? LOL, your article isn’t news its a rant on the CBC. What happened,did you apply for a job at CBC and get turned down? Get a life buddy, I’ll get my news from an actual news provider and you can go on to work for FOX north whenever that rag gets going.

  30. tweetypie says:

    Too funny. We have seen time and time again the Americans caught lying about just about everything. The Americans DID kill 4 Canadian soldiers when an American rambo disobeyed orders not to shoot. If the Americans can say they did not kill 4 more Canadian soldiers then of course they will. The Americans have killed hundreds of innocent civillians. That is fact They have tried many times to try and cover up those deaths only to be caught with their lies. Only a right winged war monger would try and defend the Americans when it comes to them killing 4 Canadian soldiers

  31. Ian MacDougall says:

    Since we are invited to take the word of Legion magazine over the CBC reports of what WikiLeaks says, it behooves us to consider our sources, and in this case to remember that any journalist flailing about over WikiLeaks is a journalist who has been scooped.

  32. eric says:

    The CBC is, and has for some time – a long time, not been interested in anything other than their hate of Stephen Harper. Any loss of truth for them is just collateral damage. In this instance they once again clearly demonstrate that they don’t care about our servicemen and women or their families, they only care about their own backsides and once again manifest it in their blatantly biased ranting in their vain attempt to engender hatred of the Conservatives. Years ago I and many of my friends used to watch and listen to the CBC but no more.

  33. HarperHater says:

    “The CBC is, and has for some time – a long time, not been interested in anything other than their hate of Stephen Harper.”

    Finally!! A station that reflects the views of a majority of Canadians!

  34. jack says:

    Yawn!l another day another non-scandal from the hate-Harper press gallery. Good thing no one listens anymore to their self serving gum flapping.

  35. Jeff says:

    @ HarperHater,
    (“The CBC is, and has for some time – a long time, not been interested in anything other than their hate of Stephen Harper.”

    Finally!! A station that reflects the views of a majority of Canadians!)

    LOL, yeah and that’s why the majority of people who voted in the last 2 elections voted FOR Harper, eh? Because the majority of Canadaians hate Harper? Some logical brain you have there! Must be CBC inspired!

  36. TIM DEVLIN says:

    What dosn’t add up is why Wikileak owner is still free. If I were in posession of stolen anything I would be arrested. What makes this guy think he is qualified to read top secred document and decide what is and isn’t sentive. I wouldn’t be surprised if some war vet in England shot this guy. This isn’t about bring the truth to anyone this is about making this A-hole rich and that’s exactly what the thief who stole the stuff has done. I hope he got a pay off and I hope he’s shot for treason when they catch him unless he’s hiding with Osama BinLauden then we don’t have a chance.

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