Oh look, another partisan Radio-Canada journalist

- July 6th, 2012

Pierre Duchesne

The Parti Quebecois just confirmed what we’ve known for a few days now: Former Radio-Canada journalist Pierre Duchesne will run for the separatist party in the next election.

MONTREAL – For the second time in five years, a French CBC reporter is taking heat for joining the separatist Parti Quebecois.

Pierre Duchesne, who once wrote an unauthorized biography of hardline separatist former premier Jacques Parizeau, will announce Friday he’s joining the party that wants to take Quebec out of Canada.

Duchesne retired as Radio-Canada’s Quebec City correspondent on June 15.

His former colleague, Bernard Drainville, courted controversy in 2007 when he quit as Radio-Canada’s Quebec City bureau chief to join the PQ.

But don’t you dare call Radio-Canada a separatists’ nest.

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