Well, CBC, which is it?

- August 1st, 2012

A CBC producer invites the prime minister and his communications director, by email, to hang out in their private box at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee concert. When Brian Lilley reports on this, the CBC snaps back that there was no private box, just a “stand-up position”. Now call me simple-minded if you like, but – having spent some time working at stand-up positions – I would not invite the prime minister to hang out with me at a stand-up position. As the name suggests, there isn’t even a chair there. It’s usually pretty loud. There’s wires everywhere and a camera right in your face. It’s not swanky. At all. So either the CBC producer invented a private box that didn’t exist, or else there was a private box that they’re now not admitting to.

Which is it?

UPDATE: “Essentially, she was joking.”

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  1. Ryan Delnick says:

    It really all comes down to the term “private box” doesn’t it.

    Was it one of the luxury “private boxes” that could be purchased by anyone with a decent bank account, or was it a box for media to film the celebration from a more advantageous position for a special on the Jubilee?

    Everyone knows the reality of it, but I guess Sun News needs something to fill their broadcast and facebook page with right?

    Manufactured news. Plain and simple.

  2. brian rosmus says:

    I don’t care what the CBC does as long as they get rid of that God awful racket they think is music. it sounds like a pair of drunken monkeys beating on an empty 45 gallon drum!!!!!!!!!

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