A King in your parking spot?

- September 12th, 2012

They paved Plantagenet and put up a a parking lot – Well maybe.


Reports out of the UK say there is a good chance the body of 15th century King  Richard III aka the last of the ruling Plantagenets has been discovered underneath a Leicester City car park. An archeological team traced what they believe was the Presbytery of the lost Church of the Grey Friars now owned by the local city council.

At a press conference today at the University of Leicester’s genetics and ancient history departments announced that they had found a body with a barbed metal arrowhead between vertebrae of the skeleton’s upper back and curvature of the spine. That would be a wound consistent with historical accounts of his losing battle against the Tudors and a sign of his famous hump … okay, not a “hump” but scoliosis.

The university is not saying they have found Richard III but…

What we are saying is that the Search for Richard III has entered a new phase. Our focus is shifting from the archaeological excavation to laboratory analysis. This skeleton certainly has characteristics that warrant extensive further detailed examination.

Basically the next step is DNA testing. This is where it gets really cool.  Historian John Ashdown-Hill got a DNA bee in his bonnet and managed to trace the maternal bloodline through Richard III’s older sister down to one Joy Ibsen. British born Joy emigrated here to Canada after the Second World War. Unfortunately she died in 2008.

Michael Ibsen is Doris’s 55 year old son. He lives back in the UK where a handy mouth swab was passed over to the University of Leicester last week. That will be used to see if his extremely great uncle was interned in a car park in Leicester.

So Michael has a brother named Jeff, an IT consultant, and he lives in Toronto. Does this give him an in to the British throne?

Well that would be nice,” he deadpans from his home in downtown Toronto. “But the succession flows along the female line, so that would be my sister who lives on Vancouver Island…I’m just the no-good younger brother.

We may have our own Harry, right in our midst!.

For more on this story tune into Sun News Network tomorrow at 11:40 am on Canada Live when Plantagenet Jeff Ibsen joins Krista Erickson.



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