How your politicians spend their time

- October 11th, 2012

Apparently today is the “International Day of the Girl”. The first one. UN-sanctioned. Personally I think respect for women should be a year-round thing not a one-day phony pseudo-event. But the Harper administration doesn’t share my contempt for this sort of foolishness.

Far from it. A press release from Status of Women Canada (yes, it really is a department and Rona Ambrose is its minister) claims that “Canada  has led the international community in adopting this day”. No, there really is no “international community”. But if there were it would be dominated by the likes of Saudi Arabia and Syria and it certainly wouldn’t follow Canada’s lead on gender issues including decent treatment of the half of the human race that wastes its time doing stuff like giving birth to all of us.

The sad thing here, beyond the deplorable treatment of women in much of the world, is that significant amounts of public money are spent drafting this sort of press release by people who honestly believe it to be full of accurate, meaningful and important ideas. They even sent out a notice on September 19 urging us to “Mark Your Calendars!” for IDG. I wonder if they think anyone except me did so.

Seriously. Look at yours now. Did you circle it or flag it?

Oh my. I guess you’re not part of the “international community” that has been following “Canada” on this globaloney.

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