Oh, now you notice

- May 22nd, 2012

British Prime Minister David Cameron, increasingly regarded as drifting out to sea politically, just promised to start “shaking things very hard to get things done quickly”. More than two years after becoming PM. But if you think that’s a cliché, hold on. He was just getting started.

He said ”there are real changes that need to be made as we move towards leaner, swifter, more effective government,” and warned civil servants “they are up for radical reform as we reinvent government.”

It is not just quibbling to say people who voted for him probably understood him to be claiming he knew how to make the current one work. After all you would not take your car to a mechanic who looked under the hood then said he was going to reinvent the internal combustion engine to get yours working. But this guff aboiut “leaner, swifter, more effective government” is not just reminiscent of Bill Clinton, bad as that would be.

It shows he has no idea at all how government worked, the existing kind I mean. And that he really hasn’t got any ideas for reinventing it either, just tired empty phrases wishing it were something other than what it is. Not much to show for two years as Prime Minister and a lifetime in politics as a staffer, consultant and since his mid-1930s an MP.


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