Welcome, clueless puppet

- February 22nd, 2013

Well isn’t this nice? Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs Grand Chief Derek Nepinak (yes, he who in January demanded “an end to 140 years of colonial rule” or Idle No More might ”bring the Canadian economy to its knees”) put out a press release welcoming “the new Minister of Aboriginal And Northern Development Canada”.

Perhaps welcome is too strong a word. The release (not yet on their web site, but distributed through the Parliamentary Press Gallery) said

It would be nice to hear the words or a statement from the new minister opposed to regurgitation from the previous minister. It’s quite apparent from his first ‘statement’ that there is a common thread tying ministers together in a tightly controlled authoritarian Harper regime.

It went on to praise Valcourt’s “strong and accomplished record in Eastern Canada” before again disparaging the “highly contained and controlled Harper regime” and saying

The development of the Canadian idea is also fundamentally different in western Canada because of treaties that opened the west to immigrant settlement. I am uncertain as to whether the minister from eastern Canada can or will fully understand the fundamental differences.

After which it generously went on to “congratulate” and “welcome” Valcourt and demand he study Canada’s “dark colonial history”. Gosh, with a warm, courteous greeting like that, who can doubt that a productive and open relationship will soon flourish?


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