A small step in the right direction

- September 6th, 2012

PIerre Poilievre
You have to start somewhere, and this isn’t a bad place to start:

OTTAWA - While chieftains at the government’s largest union celebrated a separatist victory in Quebec on Wednesday, a Conservative MP said he will push for legislation to allow workers to opt out of paying dues.

Ottawa MP Pierre Poilievre says by supporting the Parti Quebecois and Quebec Solidaire and other activities, the NDP friendly Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) is not acting in the interests of the majority of its 172,000 members.

Poilievre’s riding is home to thousands of government workers – some of whom have expressed their disbelief to him over the use of dues to fund political and militant activity, including supporting student protesters in Montreal.

He says he will advocate for passage of a private member’s bill in Parliament that would force unions to open their books to learn how dues are spent.

And while he is a parliamentary secretary and can’t introduce private bills, he will encourage and help others draft legislation that would allow union members the choice of paying dues.

One of my policy prescriptions for Quebec include repealing the Rand formula – or mandatory union dues. In fact, as I explain about half-way through this piece, I’d start with that. It would reduce the influence unions have had for too long on Quebec’s economic policies. Then there’s the whole question of right-to-work legislation, which would be very cool indeed. But hey. First things first, and I’m glad to see this sort of stuff being debated and, I sincerely hope, implemented soon.

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