Investigate the David Suzuki Foundation

- April 26th, 2012

David Suzuki

So says

The David Suzuki Foundation’s charitable status needs to be reviewed, the group says.

The group wrote to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) on Tuesday, saying there’s been “mounting evidence of political and partisan activity.”

Registered charities are prohibited from engaging in partisan activity.

I agree. I don’t think anyone ought to get charitable status. I think everyone should be taxed less, which would give us more money to give to whatever group(s) we want, and those groups would be free to say anything they like – political or not. But if we are going to have charities with a special set of rules that make it easier for them to raise money, then we have to enforce the rules.

The EthicalOil letter is below.
Letter to CRA – DSF

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  1. JohnWright says:

    Linking the words Ethical and Oil together is like linking Organic ansd Cigarettes together.If any group should be investigated it should be the ~Ethical~ bunch to see how much collusion exists between them and the Federal Govnernment.

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