Radicalism indeed

- July 30th, 2012

A newly declassified intelligence report warns of increasingly radical environmentalism. And the environmentalists are not pleased.

OTTAWA – The RCMP has issued a warning about a “growing radicalized environmentalist faction” in Canada, according to a report.

In a criminal intelligence assessment obtained by the Canadian Press, the national police force is reported to have listed potential dangers from environmental activists to offshore oil platforms and marine shipments.

The RCMP’s report is said to have noted a “growing radicalized environmentalist faction within Canadian society that is opposed to Canada’s energy sector and policies.”

It also reportedly cited recent protests off the coast of Greenland involving Greenpeace and how the demonstrations “highlight the need to be prepared for potential threats to the safety and security of offshore oil and gas platforms.”

Greenpeace, which maintains it is peaceful and non-violent environmental group, suggests authorities may be telling Prime Minister Stephen Harper what he wants to hear.

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  1. Thetruthwriter says:

    This just shows how ineffective our security organizations are. People who practice islam or protesters are NOT threats!

  2. Jen says:

    Now you know why Patrick Moore founder of Greenspeace left the organization when he saw the ‘radicalism’ setting in.

    SNN need to interview Patrick Moore more often on the ‘radicals ‘take-over’ of the Greenspeace.

    Why is PM STEPHEN HARPER hated so much is a question that racks our minds. Wasn’t he the one who travelled the world during the rough times the world was facing ‘global’ economic unstability to speak and make sure that our country Canada is not forgotten, tat our counry is stable to do business with.

    Canadians need to hear ‘POSITIVE’ NEWS, more often, it is a Tonic for the soul. Constant negative and bad news can lead radicalism to its worse because there isn’t much of good news to take heed far less appreciate.

    Wasnt it Jean Chretien who purposely signed on to the KYOTO ACCORD to actually provoke Paul Martin into following knowing full well what will happen to canada enonomically if canada had followed through.
    And wasn’t it Chretien who failed to follow through on his own written committed signature to the Kyoto and wasn’t it the LPC responsible for not following Chretien’s own committment to the KYOTO ACCORD?

    Why then has it become this CPC government FAULT for not heeding to the Chretien’s own nglect. Do you think that the media should get out of the ‘fear factor’ deptarment when it comes to the libs and report.

    Do any of those radical have any idea that it was libs that failed and neglected to follow through on their own committment to the KYOTO ACCORD since 1993.

    What Chretien did(signing onto the KYOTO ACCORD) was spiteful.

  3. Lorne Clarke says:

    The whole purpose of this is to prepare for the protests against the pipeline in northern BC. All protesters will be called eco-terrorists and jailed. Harper has sold our oil sands to the Chinese and now wants to build a pipeline through our pristine forests, streams, and lakes so he can deliver it. He obviously cares little for the environment and cares little for the citizens of this country.

  4. Lorne Clarke says:

    As to Harper’s environmental record. Look at the tar sands. Look at how he gutted the environmental act. Look what he’s trying to do in BC with his pipeline. Look at what he is doing in the Arctic. Look at northen Quebec. Maybe you should look at what he is doing to this country before you start praising him. Remember, he cut corporate taxes to the lowest level in the free world while giving us the HST and the biggest deficit this country has ever seen.

  5. Lorne Clarke says:

    Sun newspaper is a conservative rag magazine, usually found in grocery check-out lines.

  6. George Lenard says:

    Nice! Now Harper can make criminals of those that disagree with his environmental policies! If you do you will be an environmental radical. Now this is according to a a piece of right wing political trash. Such actions by the right are as criminal as any thing GreenPeace has done so far!

  7. Nima Taghaboni says:

    And this is what passes for journalism nowadays! I was not aware FOX NEWS was moving north across the border. One sided right wing commentary (and yes the opinions are your own) which does not investigate the root causes of why environmentalism has been forced to evolve into a radical form. The politicians have lost all regard as the consequences of their energy policies. Economic gain at any cost?

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