Stormin’ Barack

- October 31st, 2012

In today’s Globe & Mail Konrad Yakabuski delivers himself of the opinion, or it might be meant to be news, that “In an election campaign about the proper size of government, President Barack Obama suddenly has a powerful argument to make that bigger is better. Democrats are citing the ravage caused by Hurricane Sandy as Exhibit A in their case against Republican nominee Mitt Romney’s plan to slash federal spending…”

In the face of such commentary it seems curiously beside the point to note that Mitt Romney has no plan to “slash” federal spending, or to praise the legacy media for insisting on the neutral “slash” rather than some emotionally loaded term like “cut” or “reduce” where government budgets are concerned. Or even to ask whether this doesn’t constitute politicizing the disaster in ways that would surely be very bad if Republicans did it.

What really strikes me is that it’s one more rather desperate hit in the drumbeat of stories insisting that things are going just fine for Obama’s reelection effort. I wonder what they’ll write on Nov. 7. That he really won?


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