Where’s Watson?

- July 31st, 2012

Categories: Environment

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  1. Nima Taghaboni says:

    How about doing some background research and stating all the facts instead of discussing a personal psychiatric evaluation of individuals in your piece.
    Things that you have conveniently left out or possibly out of complete ignorance,
    1- Japan has repeatedly ignored and violated a ban on commercial whaling and has been setting a self imposed limit of over a thousand whales to be hunted each year in a sanctuary against international law.
    2- The private fishing vessel which was involved in the collision off the waters of costa rica was involved in the illegal sharkfin trade. (fins cut off and the sharks thrown back in the water to drown)
    3- The international warrant issued by the government of costa rica was done days after the government of japan donated a large sum of money to help promote tourism in costa rica. (The actual incident occurred several years earlier during a video shoot for the documentary shark water, with no actions taken by the government till now)
    4- The japanese whaling fleet on more than one occasion has rammed into the sea sheppard vessels actually causing one to sink)

    Responsible journalism should aim to provide an unbiased view of the story and allow the reader to form an informed conclusion. What you provide is a conservative right wing commentary with references to the conservative federal goverment. Now we know they are a group of enviromental champions.

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