Benghazi, Algeria?

- January 23rd, 2013

I have a feeling this will not be all that surprising to security experts…

ALGIERS — Several Egyptian members of the squad of militants that lay bloody siege to an Algerian gas complex last week also took part in the deadly attack on the United States Mission in Libya in September, a senior Algerian official said Tuesday.

The Egyptians involved in both attacks were killed by Algerian forces during the four-day ordeal that ended in the deaths of at least 38 hostages and 29 kidnappers, the official said. But three of the militants were captured alive, and one of them described the Egyptians’ role in both assaults under interrogation by the Algerian security services, the official said.

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  1. Jen says:

    Question arises ” Why is there not rallies of outrage from around the world against terrorists and terrorisms?
    Why is it that the Western world like the excitement of terrorisms as long as it does not it their tuff?

    Who would rally for us if we are slaughtered, blown to bits, terrorized by terrorists if we can’t rally in support for the innocent souls who are succumb to brutality, beheadings and torture.

    If we can’t help others who want help do you really expect others to help you.

    We seem to shy away from the word ‘terrorist’ and ‘terrorism’ now why is that?

    I remember when the CPC returned the liberals’ own bill ‘Anti-Terrorist Act’ that’s right the liberals’ own bill which they voted for back then yet voted AGAINST their own bill when CPC rehashed the bill.
    The NDP and the BLOC also voted against the ‘ANTI-TERRORIST ACT BILL.
    Now what does that tell us Brigitte? That they are no more interested in the safety and welfare of CANADA AND CANADIANS. Still, the media continually promote them.
    Imagine that the very parties the media supports with their lives were voted against.

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