Canada gets praise for shutting down diplomatic relations with Iran

- September 10th, 2012

Categories: Foreign affairs

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  1. gilbert 1 says:

    At last we have a leader that has the courage to speak out against oppression and show the world we stand together with our leader Mr Harper. This kind of leadership unites canadians with pride in our country,well done Prime Minister,

  2. Peter Burpee says:

    It seems unlikely that Canada’s diplomatic presence matters much to Iran. On the other hand, closing the embassy may be a virtuous and principled gesture on the part of Mr. Baird, but in losing our ability to monitor change from within Iran, Canada has done itself a great disservice.

    The list of countries where we maintain embassies but disagree with their politics is extensive. Should we close them all? Does self-righteously waving the flag improve anything?

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